Saturday, 30 November 2013

Modi,Nitish Shiela to address rallies in Delhi

30 11 2013
The chief of various political parties  BSP, BJP, Congress,JDU,are in Delhi to lure voters to cast their votes on Dec 04 ,2013 for the seventy legislature assembly election,Delhi with cosmopolitan population with migrant population rising in large proportion,social media and mobile in action brings the poll to interesting end.
Urban poor to rich and super rich Delhi find its   politicians making various models to convince their suitability.Money,muscle,community, rumors,self style leaders with self praise walk the streets of Delhi to build their political base.
Congress which has been ruling this tiny state from last fifteen years has completely evaded and overlooked the interest of the common man. With rising cost of electricity,water,LPG,and public transport the common man loaded with government high cost amenities and open market of essential eatable rising cost every day,week has made the 1.30 Cr people express unhappiness thus making the Delhi assembly election an interesting feature of this year.
Election is other four states is considered a semifinal for ensuing General election next year.
Bjp the second biggest party of the nation is making its valiant effort to garner votes in their favors but mood of the people and the pulse is too vibrant, systematic the scams and scams would bring change or coalition government. Most of the political parties have become family entity and even one man show party is emerging fast, even the media picking from the nursery of activist seedling it to politician leveling is poor example of building a political party in this multicultural nation.
Activist with aggression in their blood has no space in political space which depends on debate  of ultimate order with ideas of all sorts and the best to be produced . Role of criticizing,harping on one point, self praise  without professional thinkers, absence of man of integrity,absence of experts and visionary people by handful activist may not bring desired political change.
Role of media hasbeen put to test as new media celebrities are born who are reading from the ideas shunted to them and pose to be the builders of new breed of leaders. Media intervention with enforcing ideas is dreaded disease and their clamor of being the hottest breed is actually bringing more desperation and stops the rightful leaders to emerge. A way the words are uttered by the leaders speaks volume about the personality and his class. Let’s us wait for righteous to take its shape.
Titbits of election continue;
 Bjp prime ministerial candidate, star campaigner Narendra Modi on Saturday mocked at PM Manmohan Singh and F M P Chidambaram over rising prices at an election rally in Delhi on Saturday. In  Delhi, Modi said that this time the elections are being fought by the people. and called elections as festivals of democracy, leader said that what can be better than the people themselves fighting the elections.
Raising the poll pitch in the national capital, BJPs PM nominee said that political parties must give answers to the people and tell the public what they did during their regime.
Coming down hard at the Congress, Modi said, Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh and Madhya Pradesh CM ShivrajSingh Chouhan went between the people and informed them about the work they did in their respective states. But Congress leaders of Delhi and Rajasthan are arrogant as they are not willing to answer the people.
Modi asked the gathering, Delhi has such big leaders of the Centre. Should they not meet you, address you and talk to you.
His attack continued on the Congress, Modi said that it has become a fashion for the grand old party to demand answers from Gujarat even if elections are in any other state.
Addressing a rally in Sardarpura, Jodhpur, Moid had said that the Finance Minister has attributed inflation to buying gold.
Strongly rebutting Modi’s remarks, Chidambaram has sent a letter to the Gujarat Chief Minister, details of which are:
After his lessons in history, Shri Narendra Modi has delivered his first lesson in economics. This is  reported by the Indian Express, he said at Jodhpur: The Finance Minister attributes inflation to buying gold. I am not as educated as him.but I know inflation is not because of buying gold but due to corruption. 
I recall having said on many occasions that buying gold which is almost entirely imported worsens the Current Account Deficit (CAD). I don’t recall saying that buying gold causes inflation. Anyway, all economists may take note of the new lesson. Media agencies

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