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 AAP to expose the Cong/BJP joint conspiracy of silence
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                                                                                      Date: March 30, 2014
The Aam Aadmi Party will expose the alliance forged by the Congress and BJP for the conspiracy of silence on important issues concerning the people of the country. These so-called two main parties appear united in diverting attention from the real concerns to frivolous issues.
Both the Congress and the BJP are running away from answers on the following key issues :
1.      What should be the price of natural gas in the country and does the Congress want it doubled and the BJP wants it to be raised four times ?
2.       Will the Congress and BJP return crores of rupees of foreign funds they have received from unknown sources and which have been declared illegal by the Delhi High Court ?
3.       Do both these parties want the people of Delhi to be denied the right of having a democratically elected state government ? Do they want fresh assembly elections in Delhi or not ?

It is shocking that these two main parties, both of whom are claiming to form the next central government are not willing to tell the people of the country whether their priority is to help a corporate house to earn huge profits by accepting its demand of fixing the price of natural gas at the rate wanted by it or do they want to spare the people from the burden of unprecedented price rise.
The relief provided by the Election Commission to the people will not last beyond next two months and the Congress and BJP are deceiving the people by not revealing whether they want the prices of transportation, fertilisers and essential commodities to be steeply hiked.
On the issue of foreign funds, the mysterious silence of the Congress and BJP folllwing the Friday’s judgment of the Delhi High Court, shows that both the parties are taking pride in having broken the law and they have no hesitation in accepting foreign funds from unknown sources.
On one hand, the BJP stands exposed for having accepted funds from even the Dow Chemicals, the company which acquired the Union Carbide Corporation, which was responsible for the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy, India’s worst industrial disaster.
On the other hand, the Congress not to be left behind, has taken funds from the Indian subsidiaries of Vedanta Resources, to whom the UPA government has provided huge favours in mining and other sectors.
Serial bloggers in these parties and their leaders who are normally very active on social media seem to be scared to tell the country about who funds the Congress and the BJP and how it is spent.
Both the Congress and the BJP have been misleading the people of Delhi on the issue of imposition of President’s rule in the capital. They, however, appear to have developed selective amnesia on the issue and have forgotten that no less than the Supreme Court has asked both these parties about their stand on holding fresh assembly elections.
The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Mr Narendra Modi and senior Congress leaders have been levelling wild allegations against the AAP and Arvind Kejriwal, but are running scared of facing assembly elections in Delhi.
In case, both the Congress and the BJP are confident about the public support why are they afraid to even spell out their stand on the timing of fresh assembly elections in Delhi ?          

AAP Media Cell
Press Invitation
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Aam Aadmi Party's National Convenor Shri Arvind Kejriwal will address a Jan Sabha tomorrow in West Delhi Lok Sabha constituency.

Venue: Sector-3 J J Colony Phase-3, near Delhi Public School, Dwarka

Time: 6 pm


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      Sunday, 30 March 2014

      digitalLEARNING Weekly Newsletter: March 27, 2014   Volume 11, Issue 13
       DU to start one-year PG programme from 2015
      The Delhi University is trying to bring a big reform in the post-graduation level from the next academic year.
       New Madhyamik syllabus from 2015
      The difference in marks between the Madhyamik Board and its national counterparts always concerns the students. In order to bridge the gap, the state government appointed syllabus reform committee for formulating new syllabus for classes nine and ten.
       50 scholarships for Africans 
      The OP Jindal Global University has announced 50 scholarships for Africans to study at its campus from August.
       CAW signs MoU with Osmania University
      Indian Air Force’s College of Air Warfare (CAW) at Secunderabad has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Osmania University for conducting PhD courses for its officers.
       98% aspirants fail test for teachers
      More than 98 percent of aspiring school teachers fail to pass the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) 2014. Just 13,428 of 7.50 lakh aspirants passed the test, conducted in January by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
       DU cutoffs may set new records
      If excess admissions in undergraduate courses are curtailed, the cutoffs will touch an all-time high across all courses in DU this year. The pattern in Delhi’s second largest university, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, where admissions are on, is also not encouraging.
       MoU signed for research
      The NMIMS University signed an MoU with University of Southampton, UK. Rajan Saxena, vice-chancellor of the university, welcoming the deputy vice-chancellor of University of Southampton, Adam Wheeler said that University of Southampton, UK has strong presence in engineering area and we can bank on its marine engineering as a specialization with support of so many organizations of Mumbai being a port city.
       Outdoor history classes for CBSE students
      To make the history subject more interesting, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), has asked its affiliated schools to take students on excursions to historical sites.
       CREDAI seeks MoU with TN educational institutions 
      To develop technical skills of students, CREDAI is seeking to sign a memorandum of understanding with institutions like Anna University, SRM and VIT universities for third and fourth year students.
       IIT Kharagpur starts short-term courses 
      IIT Kharagpur is now offering students of other colleges a chance to study at the elite institute under the tutelage of an international faculty.
       Online evaluation of class X answer sheets begins 
      Online evaluation of CBSE class X answer sheets has begun at three centres in Lucknow. Close to 110 teachers are busy in online evaluation of mathematics answer sheets.
       Schools asked to make up for poor RTE intake
      Tamil Nadu has not even met half its targeted number of admissions in matriculation schools for the 2013-14 academic year under the 25 percent reservation clause of the Right To Free and Compulsory Education Act.
       Mixed reaction to DU proposals
      Students have given a mixed response to the changes proposed by the Delhi University admission.
      MBA Craze Tumbles Down: Where Lies the Canker?
      A tête-à-tête with aspirants on ‘Why MBA’ often draws out some of the most diverse answers. In recent times, not only has the B-schools witnessed a dip in placement figures; reports also suggest a nearly 10 percent dip in takers of CAT 2013.
      Relevance of Sports Education in Schools
      Whether it be high performance sports at the Olympics or the development of sports locally, sports education is becoming increasingly important in the modern world.
      Including Modern IT Curriculum in Odisha
      My fundamental principle is that one should ‘First Deserve then Desire’. Firstly, my government is building up a base of technically educated youth, proper infrastructure and then we will welcome everybody to invest so that by the time those investments come in we are prepared to receive them,” says Pratap Keshari Deb.
       Latest Issue
       Latest Videos
      Role of Technology in Creating Excellence in School education  
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      India and the World – an Update A bi-weekly News Digest on India’s Foreign Policy

       AAC Logo 07-01-14
      The emergence of India as a strong economic power is receiving widespread recognition in the region and beyond. Today, it has expanded its footprints and engagement in multiple fields across all continents. Accordingly, India’s foreign policy and international conducts should reflect upon its new global stature. In this backdrop, Ananta Aspen Centre is pleased to launch a new initiative — a bi-weekly digest of all the major news related to India’s Foreign Policy. Our sincere effort is to keep you informed and updated on all the major international developments that have implications on India’s foreign policy. Hope you will benefit from the initiative. We value your feedback, comments and recommendations.  
      India and the World – an Update

      A bi-weekly News Digest on India’s Foreign Policy
      (Volume – 6)March 14th – March 28th, 2014
      The Growth Net Special
      [Ananta Centre (formerly part of Aspen Institute India) and Smadja and Smadja group recently convened The Growth Net 2014 in New Delhi from March 23-35.  In the three-day conclave, 100 speakers and nearly 300 representatives from over 25 countries, gave a unique insight into the global economic agenda. The discussions culminated with thought leaders from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe unanimously sharing their optimism on the growth potential in the developing markets despite the slowdown.]
      Cyber safety, gender issues India’s top security challenges: Menon
      ANI / Business Standard | March 24th, 2014
      Addressing The Growth Net 2014, Menon identified cyber issues and gender safety as India’s top security challenges.
      India, China Working to Counter Terrorism Threat: NSA
      Outlook | March 24th, 2014
      India and China have already started working together on security issues for obvious reasons. We share a periphery and interests. We both are threatened by the kind of terrorism and extremism that we see today. For several years, we have consulted and talked to each other on these issues,” he said while addressing ‘Growth Net’ seminar.
      Growth Net 2014 ends on an optimistic note for emerging economies
      ANI News | March 26th, 2014
      Convened by the Ananta Centre (formerly Aspen Institute India) and Smadja and Smadja group, The Growth Net 2014 featured more than 100 speakers and nearly 300 representatives from over 25 countries discussing global economic imperatives. Concluding the meeting on a positive note, thought leaders from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe unanimously shared their optimism on the growth potential in the developing markets despite the slowdown.
      South Asia
      Pakistan seeks good relations with India: envoy
      IANS / DNA | March 23rd, 2014
      The Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit “also reaffirmed full solidarity of the Pakistani nation with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters”, the statement added.
      Pakistan again seeks US intervention on Kashmir
      PTI / Zee News | March 24th, 2014
      External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid had said, “Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India – there is no question of anybody interfering with this idea. The US knows this very well”.
      Pakistan postpones MFN status to India citing lack of consensus
      ANI / DNA | March 25th 2014Sharif said that India was showing reluctance when it came to resolving the Kashmir issue and proposed a third-party intervention for the same.
      26/11 Mumbai terror attacks: Pakistani court adjourns case for the 3rd time
      PTI / The Indian Express | March 25th, 2014
      The Anti Terrorism Judge Atiqur Rehman had refused to come during the last two hearings also as he was not satisfied with the security arrangement in the high-profile case.
      Ties with India should move forward holistically: Pakistan
      PTI / Economic Times | March 27th, 2014
      A crucial cabinet meeting, set to discuss and approve the long-pending Non Discriminatory Market Access (NDMA) to India last Friday, was put off at the last moment.

      Sri Lanka
      116 fishermen reach Karaikal port
      The Hindu | March 19th, 2014
      The return of the men and their 26 boats has set in an atmosphere of goodwill in the run up to the March 25 talks between the fisherfolk of the two countries.
      50 fishermen injured as Lankan naval personnel attack them
      PTI / IBN Live | March 27th, 2014
      The injured were part of a group of 2,000 fishermen who had put out to sea last night in 400 boats.
      India abstains as UNHRC votes for Lanka probe
      The Hindu | March 28th, 2014In a 23-12 vote, the council backed a Western-sponsored resolution that said it was time for a “comprehensive investigation into alleged serious violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes by both parties in Sri Lanka.”

      Nepal keenly watching Indian polls (Election Special)
      IANS / Business Standard | March 23rd, 2014
      There is a lot of interest and enthusiasm among Nepal’s common people about India’s elections as several print and electronic media operating here have been covering at least one news item on Indian politics every day, which has generated interest and sometimes healthy debates.

      Asia Pacific
      China’s request for entering Indian waters turned down
      PTI / Hindustan Times | March 20th, 2014
      The request was politely declined and the Chinese Navy was told that Indian Navy and the Air Force were already scanning the area and there was no need for anybody else to search the area, sources told PTI.
      Xi calls good relations with India his ‘historic mission’
      The Times of India | March 21st, 2014India’s plans for the “year of friendly exchanges” include a “Glimpses of India” tour covering a dozen Chinese cities to enhance people-to-people contacts.

      The United States
      India’s role in Afghanistan very critical: Gen Dunford
      PTI / The Indian Express | March 14th, 2014
      Dunford said India can play a very important role, diplomatically and economically in particular.
      Arrest warrant issued against Devyani Khobragade in US visa fraud case
      PTI / The Indian Express | March 15th, 2014
      The indictment states that the diplomat “knowingly made” multiple false representations and presented false information to US authorities in order to obtain a visa for a personal domestic worker.
      India welcomes US Congress backing for Sikhs in American military
      PTI / DNA | March 19th, 2014
      India’s Ambassador to the US, S Jaishankar said that India’s Sikh sons and daughters have held the highest offices in the land and have served at the highest ranks, including at four-star ranks in the Indian military.
      India, Pakistan ties ‘promising but fragile’: US commander
      PTI / Business Standard | March 25th, 2014
      Observing that India continues its rise as a regional and emerging global power, Locklear said its increasing, positive presence in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean region as security provider is an important factor in regional stability.

      European Union bans Indian mangoes, vegetables due to concerns over pests
      The Hindustan Times | March 26th, 2014
      This decision had to be taken due to a high number of such consignments being intercepted at arrival in the EU with quarantine pests, mainly insects, like non-European fruit flies.
      Black money: India threatens to drag Switzerland to G20
      Hindustan Times | March 28th, 2014
      Confirming the development, a Swiss government spokesperson told PTI from Bern: “We have received a letter from India’s finance minister. He will receive an answer soon.”

      Putin thanks India for its stand on Ukraine
      The Hindu | March 18th, 2014
      India did not join the Western powers’ condemnation of Russia’s intervention in Crimea and kept a low profile on the issue.
      Government keen to sign accord with Russia for Unit III, IV of KNPP
      PTI / India TV News | March 23rd, 2014
      Officials said that the major impediments in signing the deal with the Russians were few clauses of the Civil Liability of Nuclear Damages Act (CLND), 2010, and differences over these have been settled now.

      India remains the biggest arms buyer
      PTI /Business Standard | March 17th, 2014
      The world’s top five arms importers were now India, China, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
      Keep up pace on Security Council reform, India tells Ashe
      The Hindu | March 21st, 2014
      Mr. Khurshid suggested transiting to a “creative phase” of the Security Council Reforms so as to achieve “concrete outcomes” by 2015.
      BRIC countries oppose ban on Vladimir Putin attending G20 Summit
      PTI / DNA | March 24th, 2014

      India has already made it clear that it will not support any “unilateral measures” against Russian government.
      India committed to world free of nuclear weapons: Khurshid
      IANS / First Post | March 26th, 2014
      The minister, who led the Indian delegation at the summit, said there was a need to strengthen the international nuclear security architecture by ratifying and implementing the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and its 2005 amendment and the International Convention on the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism.


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      Ananta Aspen Centre is an independent and not-for-profit organisation that seeks to foster positive change in society through dissemination of knowledge. The Centre facilitates discussions on issues of international significance, values-based leadership and cross-sector outreach by engaging the civil society, government, private sector, and other key stakeholders.
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      Nehru Memorial Museum and Library Events for the week

      Nehru Memorial Museum and Library
      Events for the week 31st March to 4th April 2014
      Monday, 31st March
      Public Lecture (‘Samaj aur Itihas’ series)
      ‘Darshan ki Shiksha aur uski Prayojniyata’
      Prof. Rabindra Ray,
      Formerly at University of Delhi, Delhi.
      3.00 pm, Seminar Room, Library Building
      Tuesday, 1st April
      Weekly Seminar
      ‘Nineteenth-Century Photography and the Idea of the Face’
      Dr. N. A. Jacob,
      Ramjas College, University of Delhi, Delhi.
      3.00 pm, Seminar Room, Library Building
      Wednesday, 2nd April
      Public Lecture (‘Cities in History’ series)
      ‘History, Memory and the City:
      An urban planner’s view’
      Dr. Neema Kudva,
      Cornell University, USA.
      3.00 pm, Seminar Room, Library Building
      Thursday, 3rd April
      Public Lecture (‘Science, Society and Nature’ series)
      ‘Biodiversity and Bioresources:
      Through the Evolutionary Glass’
      Prof. R. Geeta,
      University of Delhi, Delhi.
      3.00 pm, Seminar Room, Library Building
      Friday, 4th April
      ‘What is ‘Colonial’ about Colonial Medical Care?:
      Gender, society and the political economy of health care in India, c. 1840-1920’
      Dr. Samiksha Sehrawat,
      Newcastle University, UK.
      3.00 pm, Seminar Room, Library Building




      We at POLICE WATCH INDIA are pretty aware about the fact that how much toll taking is the embarrassment that the Police Chiefs & other Senior Police Officers have to bear as a result of the stricture like cognizance taken by the Judiciary (on & off record) of the I.O.s Non-Investigations, Superficial, Shoddy & Shady Investigations and the otherwise callous & inhuman approach shown by them towards their duties as assigned to them.
      To put an end to this menace it is advised that INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATIONS AUDITORS be appointed by all Police Departments in all the States as well as at the Home Ministers Office at the Central Government level as also at the Judiciary level.
      The Work Profile of the INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATIONS AUDITOR in brief should be as follows : -
      To audit the Investigations conducted by Police Departments, the Vigilance Departments of the Police Departments and to review their policies and procedures with respect to Criminal Investigations.
      To look at things such as tactics. It’s the job of the Independent Investigations Auditor to make recommendations about changes in Police Departments’ policies and procedures, as regards Criminal & other Investigations conducted by them.
      Will be involved in reviewing the trigger happy shootings, police performance, and how their Vigilance Department investigates complaints against Police Officers/Personnel themselves. 
      Review their investigations and databases and look carefully at the numbers. How many complaints are sustained, how many aren’t & why, what type of discipline is issued, and how often. Is it appropriate discipline? These are the types of things that will be looked into.
      There is this huge push for change i.e. all expressing a need for change. The Central and State Governments coming in as well. The Police Chiefs who understand and are experiencing the need for change want to have change, and they would want confidence levels on the part of citizens to soar in their respective Police Departments. The huge momentum for change is there, for something special and positive.
      Well that is going to be the goal of oversight….transparency. So that there is someone besides just those in the department looking at the investigations and looking at all of the functions on a daily basis. To review and critique the investigations and to tell the public through unbiased reports whether or not the police investigations were thorough and complete.
      The Investigations Auditor will show the Investigating Officers how he is going to critique them, to get their input as well. It won’t be just a one-way street, as the Investigations Auditor will be letting them know how he is going to critique them by using their own rules and regulations. He will be going to go out to the scene of the crimes; from start to finish. See the evidence as it lies there. See the crime scene; hear what the initial story is about and what supposedly happened. 
      Lastly, see the complete investigation and then be able to tell the public & others about it.
      That a consent decree between the Investigations Auditor & the Police Chiefs will govern & basically outline the duties of the Investigations Auditor as well as what to do on a day-to-day basis. There will be requirements of the police department as well as requirements of the Police Chiefs office that he will have to meet. The consent decree is all about compliance and reports that show the level of compliance.
      It all will revolve around trust. The trust that others can count on the Independent Investigations Auditor to do what has been said and does it without any bias and/or prejudice. He won’t be a talking head or in cahoots with the Police Department. People should know that he will be independent of the police department and will be hard in critiquing them. He shall be straightforward and want complete & proper investigations conducted so that guilty don’t go unpunished.
      The police department will have to trust him in what he writes to them. The Police Chiefs & their subordinates will need to be able to trust him and say yes. Lastly, the department should be able to relate to him. The Independent Investigations Auditor should never have any problem talking with anyone at any level. The Independent Investigations Auditor shall have nothing to hide in this process, and would want the Police Chiefs to know exactly what he is doing so he can shine a brighter light on that process.
      The maximum time within which the Independent Investigations Auditor shall give his findings shall be 3 (Three) months & there shall be no provision for extension of time for any reason whatsoever.
      The JUDGES OF THE TRIAL COURTS & HIGHER COURTS could also obtain the services of The Independent Investigations Auditor where ever it deemed necessary by them for the purpose of fair & just deliverance of Justice to the Aggrieved.
      The selfless work of the Independent Investigations Auditor would eventually bring glory to the Police Departments as well as restore the trust & confidence levels of the Police Chiefs & their Subordinates in the eyes of the “AAM AADMI”.
      The “Independent Investigations Auditor” should be one who understands the psyche of police personnel, their weak & strong points, knows the fundamentals of investigations & investigation procedures & techniques, has reasonably good knowledge of all types of laws & to that extent need not necessarily be a lawyer.
      All News Letters are Posted on our Official Website : Do visit it regularly.
      Rajendra Dhar
      Hony. Editor-in-Chief, Legal Adviser
      & Chief Investigator.
      Mob. No. 9810887820.


      GATEFORUM students shine in GATE 2014

      Delhi & NCR, 29th March 2014: The results of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE’14) have been announced yesterday. Aditya Reddy, Director GATEFORUM said that the students of GATEFORUM have performed exceedingly well in the test. From the results obtained so far, GATEFORUM students Ankit Goyal has got All India Rank 1 in Electrical Engineering, Shubham Singh has got All India Rank 1 in Mechanical Engineering. 
      From the NCR Region, Atul Mishra, from Faridabad, has secured All India Rank 16 in Instrumentation Engineering, Gaurav Malik, from Ghaziabad, has secured All India Rank 19 in Instrumentation Engineering, and Abhinav Bansal, from Delhi, has secured All India Rank 20 in Mechanical Engineering.

      GATE 2014 examination was conducted for the first time in computer based mode for all the papers this year. The number of students taking the test in GATE 14 was 8,89,156 which is about 10 % lower than 9,84,855 students who appeared in GATE 13. The decrease in test takers can be attributed to a significant drop of female candidates in GATE 14. One reason for the drop is that there was no application fee for female candidates in GATE 13 while there was a fee of Rs 750 in GATE 14 for them.

      Apart from admission to post graduate programs in IITs, NITs and other engineering colleges in India, GATE score is used by many Public Sector Undertakings for recruitment of fresh graduate engineers. GATE 2014 exam was conducted from 2nd February to 2nd March, 2014 over 3 weekends.

      The number of students appearing in top five streams of GATE 2014 along with the qualifying marks is given below.

      No. of
      Cut off Marks for Qualification    (out of 100)
      Computer Science and Engineering
      Electronics and Communications Engineering
      Electrical Engineering
      Mechanical Engineering
      Civil Engineering

      Now that the results for GATE have been announced, the students who have qualified will need to apply to their chosen institute and department. GATEFORUM is conducting a live session on the Post GATE Admission process in second week pf April. Students can register for free and access the live session on the Internet said Mr Aditya Reddy. The details are available at

      GATEFORUM, promoted by alumni of the IIMs and IITs, is the largest organization in the field of GATE training, with a presence in more than 65 cities. Currently GATEFORUM offers various preparatory tools for GATE aspirants like Classroom Coaching (ICP), Live Classes via Internet (eGATE), Correspondence Course (DLP), All India test series (TarGATE)

      More details are available at GATEFORUM can be contacted at 040 44664242 or

      Lexicon Public Relations & Corporate Consultants (P) Ltd


      Super PM Jairam Ramesh Desi Einstein Favour Ambani Gas Price

      Super PM Jairam Ramesh Desi Einstein Favour Ambani Gas Price
      March29, 2014
      I am most Critical of Jairam Ramesh who fakes as Desi Einstein BUNGLED
      everything for UPA and INC over last 10 years – who could have made
      the difference as PM entrusted him with key assignments. Prithvi
      Chavan and Jairam Ramesh were actually left and right arms of Manmohan
      Singh government that turned to be without bones.
      Jairam Ramesh was responsible for most important Congress Ministries -
      Commerce, Industry, Power, Environment & Forest, Rural Development,
      Water and Sanitation. Everywhere was Total Disaster not just in the
      ministry he worked but outside as well – he DAMAGED Biotechnology
      Research & Development Critical for Agriculture – GM Brinjal for
      example could have drastically reduced pesticide use and doubled or
      tripled yields.
      But Sabotage of Hydro Power development in Uttarkhand – 200,000 MW
      Hydro Potential development was REVERSED.
      When Power Tariffs are Shooting Up blame Fake Einstein for it also.
      He failed to Protect Intellectual Property ‘Patents’ as Minister of
      Industries which is most critical for any nation.
      HE WAS BJP Ambassador in UPA Governments – Always Damaging Progress.
      Jairam Ramesh operated as Super PM in two terms of Dr. Manmohan Singh
      led governments now Favor Doubling of Gas prices to benefit Mukesh
      Ambani when UPA in 2004 itself should have Cancelled Oil & Gas blocks
      to RIL and GSPC drilling in ONGC blocks who had made any investment on
      Gas development for first 6 years even as Indian imports.
      When RIL announced Biggest Gas discovery that could supply Oil & Gas
      for 100 years as per RIL press release in 2002 I was always suspicious
      how can RIL with no Experience of Honestly and background of
      Manipulation highlighted in Polyester Price the book banned by BJP
      directly or indirectly could do this. Later on Joint Director CBI also
      confirmed it saying he too had heard about it but finally CAG exposed
      it in reports on GSPC and ONGC audits that RIL was drilling in ONGC
      and RIL blocks.
      While BJP was corrupted in to handing over of Oil & Gas blocks FREE to
      RIL and KG Basin development was on hold for 5-6 years, UPA didn’t
      insist on Fast Track commercialization of Oil & Gas blocks, let Mukesh
      inflate Capital costs by 10 times and production cost by 20 times for
      a only a fifth of desired capacity.
      Put Muesh Ambani in jail for Cheating for Hiring Rigs at very cost and
      for illegally drilling in ONGC block.
      It all began when in 2004 Muesh Ambani offered to set up MEGA SEZs
      went on cheaply acquiring Prime Land around Delhi and Mumbai.
      Super PM and Fake Einstein even then favored Mukesh Ambani acquire
      over 24000 hectares in Mumbai suburbs and 10,000 hectares in Gurgaon.
      This too as predicted turned out to be Land Grab and farmers in many
      cases managed to get back their cheaply acquired land – smarter
      farmers who directly sold their land to Ambani were losers.
      He ordered Winding Up of Steel, Aluminum, Power, Mining, Hydro Power,
      and Railway Lines etc worth over $Trillion.
      He failed to INTRODUCE any Policy to Expedite Scientific Mining of
      Existing and New Large Projects but was one by one Stopping Smaller
      Less Viable Mines.
      It is always better to Develop Top 20 Coal Blocks than 500 Small &
      Medium mines.
      He ought to have DELINKED Power Projects from Mines and Engaged
      SPECIALIST MINING COMPANIES to develop mines.
      As Rural Development Minister he promoted Most Lunatic PURA program in
      most Corrupt manner.
      He was promoting MOST LUNATIC MNREGA Programs like Ponds, Check Dams
      than Cleaning of Canals, Lining of Canals and Pipe Distribution of
      Irrigation Supplies.
      Water Released from Dams is Purified and Cleanest – Water Supply ought
      to have been sourced from Canal Water than contaminated or Brackish
      Ground Water.
      He failed to Tell Gujarat to Build Right Size Narmada Canal System and
      MP and Gujarat letting over 20BCM of Narmada Water going waste to sea.
      As Commerce & Industry Minister he failed to ensure Public Equity in
      Listed Companies.
      It is CRIMINAL to first let Power Projects come up then deny Coal Supply.
      10 Meters Thick Seam – Mahan Coal Block
      Mahan is a small mining project requiring 800 hectares of land for 120
      million tones of Coal.
      This means from 8 million sq,mt Coal Mining shall be 120 million tones
      or 15 Tons per sq,mt. or Seam Thickness of 10 meters.
      Coal Reserves in Korba Coalfield was 10,074 million tonnes, Expansion
      of capacity of Gevra mine from 35 million tonnes annually to 43.75
      million tonnes annually has been awaiting environmental clearance
      since 2009, 70 million tones of coal is mined in Korba.
      With a 40 Year Program to mine Coal at this site – 150 to 200 million
      tones of Mining should have developed – totally avoiding Imports of
      Coal from Just at one site. The money saved could have been invested
      in Expanding Railway Capacity by doubling & tripling Railway Lines.
      Existing power projects could have been operating at much higher load.
      Coal is the major issue dragging down UPA and Jairam Ramesh is the
      Chief Culprit.
      Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
      Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
      Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
      Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435
      Election Commission can’t run a parallel government, says Jairam Ramesh
      by Mar 28, 2014
      Minister of Rural Development Jairam Ramesh today hit out at the
      Election Commission during a Google Hangout session with Network18′s
      Shirin Bhan saying the EC cannot run a parallel government.
      When asked about the Election Commission’s order asking the oil
      ministry to defer increase in gas prices, Ramesh said, “I don’t agree
      with the Election Commission’s approach. They cannot be running a
      parallel government. This decision to increase the gas prices was
      taken eight months ago.”
      “The EC cannot sit in judgement on executive decisions. Otherwise the
      government will come to a screeching halt,” he said.
      When asked why in the last couple of months the government has been
      hasty with projects, Ramesh said, “When we take time and deliberate on
      decisions it is policy paralysis, but when we actually take decisions
      it is being hasty,” he said. Earlier during the discussion he had
      reiterated the same points saying, “India is a peculiar country, you
      are damned if you clear projects, you are damned if you don’t.”
      Ramesh defended the manifesto and UPA’s performance saying, “In UPA I
      we delivered 8 percent GDP growth, in UPA II it was 7.3 percent. These
      rates of growth are unmatched in our history. Yet you say there is a
      crisis of confidence.”
      “Many of the social welfare objectives were present in 2009, but what
      we are promising in 2014 is a step up. In 2009 we did not promise
      right to health as we are promising in 2014,” he said.
      When asked if the Congress was trying to appease minorities he said,
      “The Congress is not appeasing the minorities but only protecting
      them. In our country secularism means respect for all religions.
      Secularism is fulfilling constitutional obligations. In our country
      secularism does not mean irreligion, but respecting all religions.”
      Ramesh also dismissed opinion polls saying, “We proved the prophets of
      doom wrong in 2009, and we will prove them wrong this year as well.
      Gujarat shining will meet the same fate as India shining.”
      Reliance gas-find 40 times bigger than Bombay High
      Hemangi Balse in Mumbai
      Reliance Industries’ gas discovery in the Krishna-Godavari basin is expected to
      change the energy supply economics in the country with the reserves estimated to
      be around 40 times bigger than that of the Bombay High field, and
      double the total
      gas production of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.
      The Ambanis made the announcement on the gas discovery at the company’s
      annual general meeting on Thursday.
      Reliance’s gas reserves in its exploratory block KGDN-6, off
      Vishakapatnam, are to the tune of 40-50 million cubic metres per day
      and are expected to go up to 100
      cubic metres of gas over a 10-year period.
      Reliance’s gas reserves are expected to feed the gas-starved country
      for almost a
      century. The firm will have to invest more than Rs 7,000 crore (Rs 70
      billion) in
      extracting gas from the Krishna-Godavari basin.
      Reliance is understood to already have received enquiries from several
      international oil majors for a partnership but is, however, planning
      to go it alone.
      An industry source said: “If Reliance’s projections come true, it will
      change the entire energy supply chain of the country. This will
      further mean that projects to import liquefied natural gas in the
      country will be hit.”
      Such a scenario puts a question mark on the slew of LNG terminals
      planned in India. Although most are on the drawing board, several
      global firms, including Shell, British Gas, and the local Petronet
      LNG, have bought land and carried out detailed feasibility studies to
      import LNG.
      Reliance is delineating the gas reservoir, has drilled almost three
      wells, and needs
      122 clearances at various levels of the government.
      Though Reliance has a 10-year plan for the gas reservoir, the entire
      execution and commercial production is being chalked out in such a
      manner that it can commence production in two and a half years.
      Reliance is the first private Indian company to have struck gas in a deep water
      exploratory block in the country. It drilled a record 6,000 feet below
      the sea floor in
      the Krishna-Godavari basin.
      • Super PM Jairam Ramesh Desi Einstein Favor Ambani Gas Price


      Launch of AAP Manifesto for North East Parliamentary Constituency

      Press Invite, Launch of Manifesto for North East Parliamentary Constituency
      To: <>, <>
      Launch of Manifesto for North East Parliamentary Constituency
      Please depute your team on March 31, 2014 (Monday) at The Press Club Of India at 1 Pm
      • Press Invite, Manifesto Release of North East Parliamentary Constituency