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Kipyego, Wude win Delhi Half Marathon

Braving hot and humid conditions, Kenya's Edwin Kipyego emerged victorious in the men's elite category, while Ethiopia's Yimer Wude won the women's title of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on Sunday.

Kipyego covered the 21.097 km distance in one hour and 55 seconds to pocket USD 25,000 winner's purse. He however was behind previous editions wining time of 59:30s, set by Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia.

Two-time winner Deriba Merga holds the course record of 59:15 seconds clocked in 2008, which is his personal best in this distance.

Last year's champion Desisa suffered from Achilles tendon pain during the course of the run to finish seventh with a timing of 1:02:50s.

Kenya dominated the men's elite field as Kipyego's compatriots Leonard Langat and Silas Kipruto finished second and third respectively.

Langat, who was matching the pace of Kipyego most of the distance, failed to accelerate towards the end and clocked 1:01:07s to settle for a silver. Kipruto clocked 1:01:57s to win the bronze.

In the women's event, Ethiopia had one and two with Yimer Wude emerging victorious with a timing of one hour, 11 minutes and 10 seconds.

Her compatriot Waganesh Amare and Kenya's Helah Kiprop finished second and third clocking 1:11:12s and 1:11:18s respectively.

Two-time winner Aselefech Mergia of Ethiopia could not finish the race because of a leg injury.

Rahul Kumar Pal (1:06:12s) finished first among Indian men and overall 16th in the race. Nitender Singh and Indrajeet Patel came second and third among Indian winners respectively.

Sudha Singh was the fastest woman among Indians, clocking 1:19:34, followed by Kavita Raut and last year's champion Lalita Babbar.

SAB TV promises a Magical Comedy with Baal Veer
~Starting 8th October every Mon-Friday at 8pm~
New Delhi,September 27th,2012:The joy of watching a fairy tale on screen is unbridled especially when you discover it even has a dynamic superhero as its protagonist. Baal Veer is an enchanting saga of a little boy, raised by fairies and blessed with super powers like no other human. However, since this show is a SAB TV creation, it’s not all action, but instead it’s copious laughter scene after scene! It’s a hilarious show with extremely entertaining characters, who will redefine everything you know about fairyland.
Speaking of fairyland, this fairyland in particular, known as Pari Lok, has the most motley assortment of angels. Meet Aarpaar Pari, with the power to transcend matter and travel through walls, transporting herself anywhere within seconds; Vijdaar pari, fairy of thunder and lightning; Atakti Pari has a power to freeze a person anywhere;BaalPari whose tresses are so long that she can tie people with them;Bhatakti Pari who has a unique power to confuse people and make them lose their way and lastly Gaal Pari who has magic tricks hidden in her big rosy cheeks.Natkhat Pari has power to befool people.Little Baal Veer is blessed with the combined power of all these 7 angels and uses these powers for the good of mankind.
Overseeing all that’s happening in Pari Lok, there is Rani Pari, as no fairytale is complete without a fairy godmother! Rani Pari has the power of all the angels in Pari Lok. This significant character in the show  is played by Karishma Tanna. Karishma, who has been a part of the television industry for over two decades, is no stranger to comedy. She will now be seen in elaborate costumes and hair-dos in Baal Veer, which will add yet another feather in her hat for portraying varied roles. Playing her rival on the show, in the role of an antagonistic Pari, is Shama Sikandar, who revels in creating turbulence in the otherwise ethereal firmament. Shama too, has been part of television for the longest time and even has numerous films to her credit. Both Shama and Karishma have had a background of comedy in television and they sure look like an ideal choice to match their powerful, unexpected roles for the show.
Baal Veer is esentially a show about a child bestowed with godly powers, who shuttles between earth and fairyland. His sole motive is to save young kids like himself, from bullies and other injustice against them. In the course of his travel between the two realms is when he meets two earthlings, Manav and Meher, who eventually become his dear friends. Manav and Meher are often troubled by older kids and treated insensitively. Baal Veer comes to their rescue with the powers of his wand causing much comic mayhem in the process but as the proverb goes, all is well as it eventually ends well.
For an ensemble cast like this one, higly crafted outfits and magnificent sets, this show surely promises a lot. With all the detailing, the channel promises to stay faithful to its most essential facet, that of comedy. The exaggerated character sketches provide ample humour to get the audiences in splits.
Mr. Anooj Kapoor, EVP and Business Head, SAB TV said, ‘It’s a very large scale venture from our side which is a mythical fiction. We have upped the production value and quality and even the scale at which TV shows are made today. It’s a landmark show for SAB TV as its a totally new genre of magic and special effects. A family entertainer and a visual delight, all in one!’
Baal Veer is being produced by Mr. Vipul Shah from Optimystix.
In keeping with SAB TV’s belief that “Asli Maaza Toh Saab Ke saath aata hai”, gather all generations of your family and enjoy this adorable show with its innocent charm and humour. Catch this new flavour of fairytale and comedy on SAB TV every Mon-Friday at 8 pm.
About SAB
SAB is a part of the network of Television channels owned by Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd. SAB is India’s only family comedy entertainment channel with a core brand promise of ‘Asli Mazaa SAB ke Saath Hai’. SAB with its impressive lineup of innovative programs and light-hearted content ranging from daily family comedy to path breaking concepts like Silent comedy is dedicated to promoting an enjoyable “family-viewing” experience. Its programming mix includes Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai,Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah, Chidiyaghar, R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya, Lapataganj, FIR, Waah Waah Kyaa Baat Hai & classic films on weekends. For its differentiated programming and healthy entertainment, SAB has also won the Brand Leadership award in Media & Entertainment space.

Warm Regards,
M: +91- 9999488749
Government Misleading on FDI on Retail
Government playing with Post Harvest loss figures

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has alleged the Government for misleading the nation on the matter of wastage of fruits and vegetable in India for which FDI in Retail is needed. The CAIT said that the reports of Planning Commission's Working Group on Agriculture Marketing Infrastructure for 12th Five Year Plan has while citing the report of Indian Council on Agricultural Research(ICAR) has contradicted the claim of the Government that currently 30% to 40% Fruits and Vegetables produced in the Country are wasted. The Union Commerce Minister Mr. Anand Sharma has repeatdly argued the need of FDI in Retail in order to curtail such wastage. Even the Prime Ministers address to the nation also mentioned the said figure of wastage.

CAIT Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal has asked the Union Commerce Minister to divulge the source or reference or study report based on which he is continuosly claiming wastage of fruits and vegetables upto 30% to 40% .It is a wrong statement of the Govt which has been propounded just to facilitate the entry of FDI in Retail Trade-said Mr. Khandelwal
Mr. Khandelwal while contesting the claim of the Government cited the report of the Working Group of Planning Commission which has inserted figures of post harvest losses on the basis of the survey report of ICAR which stated as under.

Status of Post-harvest Losses
Status of Post-harvest Losses

Minimum % Loss

Maximum % Loss



(Chick Pea)
(Black Gram)




(Black Pepper)

(Inland Fish)
Mr. Khandelwal said that all the proponents of the FDI in Retail has been arguing on this line.He further said thet Agro Experts and Dealers in these agro commodities have stated the percentage of wastage upto 30% to 40% as incorrect and bogus in their responses to Consultation paper of DIPP which were deeply ignored.

He further said that based on the ICAR study and planning working group this post harvest losses are nowhere around the staggering percentage quoted by the Government..It appears that the Govt is basing these bogus figures for making up a case for allowing FDI in Multi Brand Retail.

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 Press –Invitation
SUB: Anti Corruption Front Janata Dal (U) Battle Against
                Corruption    Through “DABBA ANDOLAN
 Dear Sir,
                             We would like to cordially invite you on Our “DABBA AANDOLAN” The ultimate Solution for Corruption Free India. At Jantar Mantar, which will be inaugurated by Our Esteemed  National President Janata Dal United Sh. Sharad Yadav Ji.
Which will be the Movement to eradicate the Corruption from our Government System “Through the People of India For the People of India” on the eve of Birth day of Our “Father of Nation” Sh. M.K.Ghandhi
A movement for the development of inner consciousness of every Indian.
Venue:  Jantar Mantar Delhi.Time: 12.30 A.m.Date:  2nd  oct. 2012
Yours truly,

Kumar Sahil
Secretary (ACF JDU)
For Any Query Contact

Government’s misleading spin on the 2G presidential opinion shows its dishonest intent.
The government, notably Mr. Sibal and Chidambaram have gone on an overdrive after the Supreme Court’s opinion on the 2G presidential reference to project the judgement as a vindication of the government’s policies and manner in which they have been allocating spectrum, coal and other valuable natural resources worth lakhs of crores to private companies. They are using the innocuous part of the judgement, which says that all natural resources don’t have to be auctioned in all circumstances, to claim vindication. They have even used the SCs opinion to criticize the CAG.
This only shows the dishonest intent of the government. It was nobody’s case before the Supreme Court that even natural resources like water have to be auctioned while being allocated to people. The 2G judgment merely said that natural resources like Spectrum (meaning scarce and valuable resource which are given to private companies for commercial considerations) must only be allocated by auction because apart from transparency, it ensured that the State was able to maximize revenue for the people as a trustee of the people. This has in fact been reiterated in the presidential opinion of the Court. In the words of Justice D.K. Jain (on behalf of 4 judges) in para 149 of the judgment:

“Alienation of natural resources is a policy decision, and the means adopted for the same are thus, executive prerogatives. However, when such a policy decision is not backed by a social or welfare purpose, and precious and scarce natural resources are alienated for commercial pursuits of profit maximizing private entrepreneurs, adoption of means other than those that are competitive and maximize revenue may be arbitrary and face the wrath of Article 14 of the Constitution.”
Justice Khehar in his concurring judgement has elaborated it further by saying:
“I am in respectful agreement with the aforesaid conclusion, and would accordingly opine, that when natural resources are made available by the State to private persons for commercial exploitation exclusively for their individual gains, the State’s endeavour must be towards maximization of revenue returns.  This alone would ensure, that the fundamental right enshrined in Article 14 of the Constitution of India (assuring equality before the law and equal protection of the laws), and the directive principle contained in Article 39(b) of the Constitution of India (that material resources of the community are so distributed as best to subserve the common good), have been extended to the citizens of the country.”
Justice Khehar in his concurring judgment has further examined what would happen if coal blocks were allocated to electricity distribution companies without auction, even if they had bid the lowest tariffor electricity. He says:
“If the bidding process to determine the lowest tariff has been held, and the said bidding process has taken place without the knowledge, that a coal mining lease would be allotted to the successful bidder, yet the successful bidder is awarded a coal mining lease.  Would such a grant be valid?  In the aforesaid fact situation, the answer to the question posed, may well be in the negative. This is so because, the competitive bidding for tariff was not based on the knowledge of gains, that would come to the vying contenders, on account of grant of a coal mining lease.  Such a grant of a coal mining lease would therefore have no nexus to the “competitive bid for tariff”.  Grant of a mining lease for coal in this situation would therefore be a windfall, without any nexus to the object sought to be achieved.  In the bidding process, the parties concerned had no occasion to bring down the electricity tariff, on the basis of gains likely to accrue to them, from the coal mining lease.  In this case, a material resource would be deemed to have been granted without a reciprocal consideration i.e., free of cost.  Such an allotment may not be fair and may certainly be described as arbitrary, and violative of the Article 14 of the Constitution of India. Such an allotment having no nexus to the objective of subserving the common good, would fall foul even of the directive principle contained in Article 39(b) of the Constitution of India.
Therefore, a forthright and legitimate policy, on account of defective implementation, may become unacceptable in law.”
In view of this judgement which is a concurring judgment of the court, all the allocations of coal blocks made by the government to private companies for commercial use (even for captive consumption) without auction, would have to be declared void. The government’s dishonest spin being sought to be given to the judgement by its senior ministers is another clear sign of its dishonest intent.Team KejriwalTeam Kejriwal:

National Policy for Entrepreneurship Needed To Provide Impetus Entrepreneurs, industry stalwarts, celebrities discuss policy,
Social entrepreneurship, healthcare and education to play key role in development

New Delhi, Sept 29: A National Policy for Entrepreneurship that covers key areas like Access to Capital, Scalability and involvement of State Governments is needed to create 30-40 million jobs.  This was discussed at TiEcon Delhi 2012, by panel on National Policy of Entrepreneurship which being drafted by the government.

“Having innovative ideas is the first step which needs to be followed by support including capital support”, said Arun Maira, Member, Planning Commission. “The other key aspect is that of scaling up. We don’t collaborate very well among each other, we get too stuck on our ideologies and very often don’t see eye to eye. That comes in the way of scaling up,” he added.

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, who is also a member of National Innovation Council, called entrepreneurship an act of chaos, which arises out of a dream. People who fund entrepreneurs work with structures, and this gives rise to a conflict. “We are slaves to keywords such as Innovation, Capital Structures, and Scalability. A dream is not a structure. So an entrepreneur spends his time fighting his way through the structure,” he said.

Dr Saurabh Srivastava, Chairman Emeritus, The Indus Entrepreneurs Delhi NCR chapter reiterated the need for having a National Entrepreneurship Policy in place, especially as it has the potential to create 30-40 million jobs and revenues over Rs 200 billion. Encouraging entrepreneurship in 3-4 key sectors can catapult their growth aka the IT sector.

Social Entrepreneurship, which is catching the fancy of youth across the world, is challenged by lack of capital as the regular funding mechanisms like venture capital or angel investments do not work successfully. Social ventures are harder to predict, monitor and measure impact, said Professor Robert Gertner, Deputy Dean of University of Chicago Booth School of Business, speaking at session on social entrepreneurship.

The panel on Education and Skill Development chaired by Sandeep Sinha, Managing Partner, Lumis Partners, said that this industry has enormous opportunities and entrepreneurs need to get their ideas into action and run them sustainably.

“There is money to be made in this segment. Those who can manage the aspiration of the individual will be able to crack it,” Dilip Chenoy, CEO & MD, National Skills Development Corporation, emphasizing the need for handholding people through placements. “Lack of teachers and trainers is a challenge. But entrepreneurs must see the problem as an opportunity,” he said.

Harsh Chitale, CEO, HCL Infosystems, said this segment may not be amenable to rapid scaling. “The key challenge is the ability to scale profitably,” he said. “The value proposition of an enterprise in the segment is not about training individuals. It is being able to give customers the right people who are fully trained and productive from the day one,” Chitale said.

The panel discussion on Affordable Healthcare, chaired by Jasjit Mangat, Omidyar Network, showcased some of the innovative approaches taken by entrepreneurs to reach out to communities across India. It also discussed how the high-end healthcare players are making top-of-the-line healthcare affordable for those who cannot go abroad for treatment.
Amit Jain, CEO eHealthPoint, talked about the company’s operations in Punjab villages. “We run primary healthcare centres in villages that have population from 4,000 to 10,000 people. We provide tele-medical consultations, on-site diagnostic tests, generic drugs at low rates, and clean drinking water through these centres. These villagers now have access to accurate diagnosis and treatment.”

Ajay Bakshi, CEO, Max Healthcare, pointed out the need for disruptive healthcare technologies in India, as he fears that the healthcare system in India is moving towards the same expensive system that the US is now reeling under. “Don’t look at Max, GE, Philips and say this is what Indian healthcare is going to be. It’s an open field and you need to get innovative.”
India Can Make Solar the Backbone of Its Economy by 2050” - Mr. Markus Elsasser, MD, Solar Promotion International GmbH
Delhi, September 2012: Intersolar India’s “Opportunities in the Indian Solar Market” media roundtable was recently held in Delhi by Messe Munich International India, Solar Promotion International GmbH & FMMI Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH, the promoters of Intersolar India 2012. The media roundtable was organized to facilitate an understanding of India’s position in the Solar Market and also engage the media in valuable information exchange & to position Intersolar India which is India’s largest Exhibition and Conference for the Solar Industry till now.
Prominent speakers were, Mr. Markus Elsasser, MD, Solar Promotion International, GmbH, Mr. Venkateshwara Rao, General Manager, Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited, Mr. Vivek Saxena, Group President - Marketing, PCI Group, Mr. Rohit Dhar, Vice President C&S Electric, Mr. Oliver Herzog, Director, Bridge to India Energy Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Darryl Dasilva– CEO, MMI India
Mr. Markus Elsasser, MD, Solar Promotion International GmbH said, “India has huge potential for solar power generation. As the nation is facing an increasing demand - supply gap in energy, it is important to tap the solar potential to meet the energy needs. The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (also known as the National Solar Mission) is a major initiative by the Government of India to promote ecologically sustainable growth while addressing India’s energy needs. With Intersolar India, we play a key role in contributing to the amount of knowledge in this field and also continue to recognize those projects through Intersolar award that helps move the industry forward in this direction.”
The Indian solar market is undergoing sweeping developments. While, according to figures published by the Ministry for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), India had merely 10 megawatts (MW) of installed photovoltaic capacity in 2009, this figure has risen to over 20000 MW by the end of 2011. India can make renewable resources such as solar the backbone of its economy by 2050, reining in its long-term carbon emissions without compromising its economic & ecological growth potential.”
Mr. Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, shared his key insights and said, “India requires Euro 30 billion investment to develop 20000 MW of grid connected solar power by 2012. Indian policies in renewable energy are welcoming for investors, lenders and financial institutions in India and abroad. As a growing economy with a surging middle class energy resources are much essential. When a wide scope of such a renewable energy source exists, we should utilize it to the maximum.”
Industry Perspective:
“From 1994, the Indian Government is trying to push the development of solar and solar power but due to high investment cost as well as lack of expertise, the project couldn’t take off. But now, the scenario is different, overall cost to such project is reduced because of development of national and international players in the solar market and the various government subsidies towards this industry”, said Mr. Venkateshwara Rao, General Manager - Projects, Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited.
The spokespersons from PCI Group and L& T Construction gave an insight into to the various projects & breakthroughs made in the India Solar Projects division, elaborating on the various grid systems and techniques under experiment across India.
Mr. Shaji John, Chief Solar, Division, L& T Construction, highlighted some of L&T’s experiences in constructing and managing the Rooftop Solar PV system which they had successfully tested in their Chennai campus. He said our primary goals towards this project were “Taking positive steps create and alternative and a reliable source of back-up power for meeting emergency. Most commercial units depend on DG set and diesel oil. Our outlook was aimed at moving towards smart micro grids, energy savings and an initiative to make environment more clean and peaceful.
The speakers during the media roundtable, also stressed on the need of the hour contribution of not just the government but also the corporate companies in India, towards promotion of solar power as a whole, at a urban, state & national level as well as providing impetus & encouragement to the individual home to home basis.
Mr. Vikas Saxena, Group President, PCI Group said, India is facing a perfect storm of factors that will drive solar photovoltaic (PV) adoption at a "furious pace over the next five years and beyond". The falling prices of PV panels, mostly from China but also from the U.S., have coincided with the growing cost of grid power in India. Government support and ample solar resources have also helped to increase solar adoption across many business verticals.”
According to the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), the target is for 20 GW of capacity to be installed by 2022, making India one of the most promising and fastest growing solar markets in the world.
The State of Karnataka, for example, 60 MW were awarded recently as part of a tender and a further 25 MW in Orissa 200 MW in Madhya Pradesh 250 MW are up for tender in Rajasthan while the federal state of Tamil Nadu is planning to have 3 GW installed in the coming three years. With the launch of such ambitious projects, the states have also encouraged small villages to include the power needs based via solar roof top projects, which would be an answer to the overwhelming problem of power shortage across the country. The eventual aim of the government and the various players involved is to make India independent for its power needs in the years to come and shine forth as the beacon of successful Solar Project implementations.
Intersolar India 2012 takes place at the Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC) in Mumbai from November 6–8.
Intersolar's storied history of international exhibitions and conferences spans more than 20 years. Taking place in addition to Intersolar India in Mumbai are Intersolar North America in San Francisco and Intersolar China in Beijing, which was launched in December 2011. The world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry is Intersolar Europe in Munich.
For further information, please visit
About Intersolar
With over 3,100 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors spanning three continents, Intersolar is the world’s leading exhibition series for the solar industry. Intersolar India is India’s largest exhibition and conference for the solar industry and, as a leading industry platform, focuses on photovoltaic plates and solar thermal technologies. In 2011, a total of 264 companies from 18 countries attended the exhibition. Intersolar India supports the development of the Indian solar market and promotes cooperation between key players from industry, commerce, service providers and politics.
For more information on Intersolar India please visit:

Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi Instituto Cervantes  
  6 y 7 de octubre de 2012 / October 6th and 7th of 2012

Sábado 6 y domingo 7 de octubre.
De 4pm a 6:30pm

Los tangos es el palo que no ha de faltar en cualquier fiesta flamenca y la mejor manera de introducirse en el mundo del flamenco. En este taller aprenderás el compás del tango y algunos movimientos básicos –de cuerpo, brazos y zapateado- que te permitan bailar este estilo de una de las músicas que más están impactando en el mundo entero y recientemente declarado por la Unesco Patrimonio Inmaterial de la Humanidad: el flamenco.

Profesora: Rosalía Pérez González es diplomada en Danzas étnico-contemporáneas por el Instituto Universitario de Danza “Alicia Alonso” y monitora de Bailes de Salón. Se ha formado en bailes latinos, flamenco y danzas africanas en España y Puerto Rico. Así mismo ha trabajado como profesora de baile en España, Puerto Rico, Alemania e India.

Duración: 5 horas
Matrícula: 1.000 INR

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th of October. From 4pm to 6:30pm

Tango is the elementary dance for any “fiesta flamenca” and the best way to discover the flamingo world. In this course you will learn the rhythm of tango and some basic movements – body, arms, feet “zapateao” – that will allow you to dance in style to one of the music styles with most impact in the entire world, and recently declared by the Unesco “Intangible Human Heritage”: Flamenco.

Teacher: Rosalía Pérez González has her degree in Etno-contemporary dances by the University Institute of Dance Alicia Alonso, and teacher of ballroom dancing. She has studied latin dances, flamingo and African dances in Spain and Puerto Rico. She has also worked as a dance teacher in Spain, Puerto Rico, Germany and India.

Duration: 5 hours
Enrollment: 1.000 INR

  Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
48, Hanuman Road
Connaught Place
110 001 Nueva Delhi
Tel. : 91 11 4368 19 00
Fax: 91 11 4356 86 92

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Nissan’s innovative new Urban-Class Utility Vehicle becomes third locally-produced model in India
 NEW DELHI, September 25, 2012: Nissan Motor India Private Ltd (NMIPL) today announced the commercial launch of its first 7-seater Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) in India – the new Nissan ‘Evalia’.

Evalia, packed with a generous range of practical and customer-focused features brings fresh thinking to the MUV segment and provides an exciting and uniquely-modern twist to urban mobility in India.

As well as offering typically bold and distinctive Nissan styling, Evalia boasts unrivalled spaciousness and flexibility, outstanding drive quality and fuel economy significantly better than any of its rivals.

These features combine to provide customers with a convention-busting take on adaptable and multi-functional urban transport, developed and built exclusively for the Indian market.

Evalia joins the Micra and Sunny on the world-class production line at Nissan’s Oragadam Plant near Chennai, expanding Nissan’s home-grown line-up to three in just two years.

The all-new model will be available to order from September 26th at Nissan’s growing network of 75 Indian dealerships. The vehicles will be available in time for the festival season.

The Chennai-built Evalia is aimed at urban-class professionals, meeting and then surpassing both their business and weekend needs.

Surprisingly compact for a big car, Evalia comes packed with several utility features giving great driving comfort, while its new exterior styling features a clean and modern design.

The front end and corners are rounded, with larger surfaces used for the body sides. The new layout and extended wheelbase helps ensure maximum cargo space and utility while the small turning radius is perfectly suited to maneuvering in busy cities.

Announcing Evalia’s launch, Mr. Toru Hasegawa, Corporate Vice President, Africa, Middle East & India, Nissan Motor Company Ltd. said, “We are extremely pleased to launch our third ‘home-grown’ model in India.

Evalia will redefine the MUV segment in India with a new innovative category of passenger vehicle. We have been able to aggressively position it thanks to localization in excess of 80 per cent, which also reaffirms our long-term commitment to India and our Indian customers.”

Introducing the vehicle to the media, Mr. Takayuki Ishida, Managing Director & CEO, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd, said, “The introduction of Evalia demonstrates that Nissan has once again challenged convention to offer our customers something different and completely in-tune with their needs. Evalia is a fully-fledged, highly versatile car packed with practical features & technology built to Nissan’s world-class quality standards.”

Announcing the price of the four variants Mr. G.M. Singh, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Hover Automotive India (HAI) said, “The Nissan Evalia is the first MUV in the country that packs excellent drivability, class-leading fuel efficiency and dynamic performance at a truly attractive price. We are offering our customers all the practicality of a big car with all the comfort of a sedan.”

This generous and attractive all-round package comes at a very compelling and accessible price across the entire range.

Evalia’s XE entry grade starts at just 849,000 INR, the mid XE+ and XL variants are priced at 892,000 and 949,000 INR respectively, with the feature-packed top of the range XV grade available at 999,000 INR.

Ex- Showroom
New Delhi Price

Making a strong, smart and bold presence – Evalia in detail:-

Premiered at the 2012 Auto Expo in India, Evalia is based on Nissan’s globally proven ‘B’ platform and incorporates a range of innovative features responding to the needs customers. These include:-

  • 1.5 L 4 cylinder engine, with intercooler and a 5 speed gearbox, engineered to enhance the emission performance and fuel efficiency
  • ABS+EBD, Electric controlled ORVM & Follow me headlamps as standard in all variants
  • An ultra short turning radius of 5.2m to ensure easy maneuverability and convenient parking into tight city spaces
  • Reverse parking camera with Color monitor in Instrument panel, first time in India
  • Ergonomically placed gear lever on dash
  • Fold-down tables with built-in cup holders for those en-route snacks
  • Less than 1.9m high allowing easy entry to most multi-storey and height-restricted car parks
  • Wide frontal visibility and high driving position
  • Sliding doors with entry step and grab handles, providing easy entry and exit
  • Attractive and easy-to-clean seat fabric
  • A 12V electrical outlet to plug in games or laptops
  • Intelligent Key: doors are easily locked/unlocked without inserting a key and smart start mechanism
  • Flexible and multi-folding seat options for versatile use

All of Evalia’s four grades have high levels of active and passive safety and advanced features that are designed to enhance both the driving and ownership experiences. These include Anti-Lock Breaking System (ABS), Electronic Break-force Distribution (EBD), Break Assist (BA), Engine Immobilizer and Airbags. The sliding doors reduce the risk of pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists getting struck by doors opening unexpectedly.

Owners also have a wide range of colors to choose from as Evalia is available in
Brick Red, Aqua Green, Blade Silver, Twilight Grey, Onyx Black, Storm White and Pearl White.

Class leading efficiency and economy

The all new Nissan Evalia is powered by the globally-proven K9K straight-4 turbocharged diesel from Renault Nissan’s engine family, which can churn out 85 PS of power @ 3750 rpm and a maximum torque of 200 Nm @ 2000 rpm. With a smooth-shifting five speed manual transmission, the Evalia delivers a fuel efficiency of 19.3 kmpl of diesel (ARAI certified).

Evalia’s new layout gives maximum cargo space and stable, functional proportions. The dramatic front end design with a three-dimensional, imposing angled strut grille and the character line on the body side add to the dynamic view of the vehicle.

About Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
Nissan Motor India Private Ltd. (NMIPL) is a 100% subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Japan. The company was incorporated in 2005 and offers innovative and exciting products across hatchback, sports, SUV and sedan segments in India. Nissan together with its global Alliance partner Renault set up a manufacturing plant and a Research & Development Centre near Chennai. Nissan has appointed Hover Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. as a sole distributor for India to handle sales and marketing, dealer development, customer relationship management and after sales. NMIPL registered sales over 33,000 units in FY 2011. For more information, visit

About Hover Automotive India Pvt.Ltd.
Hover Automotive India (HAI) is the national sales company (NSC) of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. (NML), Japan, and therefore holds the distinction of being the sole and exclusive distributor to operate the sales, after-sales service, parts, and marketing, training & dealer development functions in the Indian market for the entire Nissan range of automobiles
HAI functions as an independent company with an exclusive distribution agreement with NML to accelerate the sales and build customer touch points across India for the Nissan brand of cars.

HAI was formed by three global entrepreneurs. Mr. Moez Mangalji who owns and operates global hospitality chain Westmont Group, Mr. G.M. Singh, Chairman Mumbai based GMS group with very high level of domain expertise in automobile retailing & real estate and Mr. Kevin Whalen, founding member of the US based ‘Group One Automotive’ a publicly held fortune 500 company. Together, these eminent entrepreneurs form HAI’s board of directors and bring with them world class expertise of aligning with global brands to deliver unmatched speed to market and unparalleled customer service.
Ms. Savita Samuel
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Global Fragrances Launches ፔV Body Sprays& EDTs⼵>
New Delhi, September 26 2012After foraying into footwear, innerwear, lingerie, adventure bikes, eye-wear and other consumer products categories, MTV India, in association with Global Fragrances,today announced the launch of MTV Body Sprays and EDTs (Eau De Toilette)The range comprises six distinct fragrances (3 each for men & women), with each fragrance available inBody Spraysas well as EDTs format. Packaged distinctly in vivid & vibrant colours, the range is priced from Rs. 150 (for body-sprays) to Rs. 499 (for EDTs) and is available across more than 100,000 retail outlets in both conventional and modern retail.
The womenⳠrangecomprises three fragrances Lovesta, Groovstaand Rocksta, while the menⳠrange offers Sportsta, Groovstaand Rocksta. The range, finalised after extensive research to offer something distinct for everyone was launched in Delhi by popular host & dance divaShibaniDandekar, IndiaⳠtennis sensation Yuki Bhambri, VJ & DJ Nikhil Chinappa and MTV VJ Rhea.
Commenting on the launch, Sandeep Dahiya, Sr. Vice President Consumer Products, Viacom18, said, 㔨e launch of MTV range of fragrances marks our entry into a serious and significant category personal care. Weⲥ excited to partner with Global Fragrances to launch a range that truly embodies the MTV attitude as well as the aspirations of Indian youth.伯i>
Speaking about the range, Somesh Choudhary, Managing Director – Global Fragrances, commented, ㍔V is a cult brand that resonates strongly with the youth. Given our manufacturing & distribution capabilities, and MTVⳠcreative strength, weⲥ confident of this range doing exceptionally well. It has already received a great response from the trade.
Packaged in bold colours devil redpitch blackflagrant yellow, glaring green and bold blue, the MTV range stand out with its innovative packaging, including a 3-dimentional MTV logo, placed inside the transparent cap. Another distinct design element is the strong, visual ᳴ar⊴hatⳠpart of the front design across all fragrances in different forms. This is symbolic of the star that is inside all of us waiting to be unleashed.
Introducing the MTV Groovstafragrance, popular host and dance diva Shibani Dandekar, said, 㼩>ItⳠa gentle floral fragrance with a slight musky aroma. ItⳠinvigorating and long-lasting and it suits my long active schedules.Yuki Bhambri, International Tennis player who unveiled the MTV Sportsta fragrance said, 㼩>MTV Sportsta bursts with Spice & Freshness.ࠉ can actually feel the wave of extreme freshness, adrenaline and energy itⳠperfect for anyone into vigorous lifetyle.
Commenting on the MTVRocksta fragrance, Nikhil Chinappa, MTVⳠmost loved VJ and DJ commented,㉠like fragrances that are bold & electrifying and Rocksta is definitely my kinda fragrance. With a mix of citrus & musky notes, Rocksta truly rocks.MTV VJ Rhea who unveiled the MTV Lovesta fragrance, said, ㉠think this perfume is inspired by me – ItⳠfun, itⳠsubtle, and very mushy.Packed with sweet and fruity notes this fragrance indeed captures the joy and purity of being in love.
Over the next few months, both MTV and Global Fragrances will invest across platforms retail, television, online, print, mobile, on-ground and films, to create excitement around the range. The campaign will break sometime mid-October.

Luxfer Uttam India Pvt Ltd launches its unique portable, rust free oxygen cylinder

Luxfer Uttam India Pvt Ltd launches its unique portable, rust free oxygen therapy system for people with homecare oxygen needs
New Delhi, September 27th , 2012:  Heralding a new era in homecare oxygen therapy Uttam Air products in collaboration with the UK based Luxfer group today launches their new user friendly oxygen therapy system OxyGo.  OxyGo is a complete kit providing oxygen on the move for patients in critical care and for patients with home based oxygen needs.
 David Rix, Managing Director Luxfer Group Europe says, “Our OxyGo kits use aluminium cylinders manufactured to global standards in India.  We employ the latest state-of-the art technologies to ensure rust free and easy to use oxygen cylinders”.
 Mr Karan Bhatia, MD Uttam Air Products says,” OxyGo will bring a positive change in the lives of people with oxygen needs. OxyGo benefits people suffering from pulmonary infections or diseases, respiratory failure, heart and cancer patients and all patients requiring oxygen in the home.  OxyGo kits provide patients the freedom to walk or exercise and unlike today patients will not be tied to their beds anymore. Patients will not have to continuously visit hospitals for their oxygen needs.”
 Current use of steel cylinders which are corrosive means that the oxygen supplied is tainted and potentially dangerous to inhale. Unlike the bulky steel cylinders OxyGo aluminium cylinders are light weight making them easy to carry around, MRI compatible and available in different sizes to suit the patient’s needs. OxyGo should be made available at every hospital, medicine store and rehabilitation centre.
 Dr R.K Aggarwal, currently Chief of Intensive care at Kolmet Hospital Delhi says, “An estimated Rs 35000 crore is spent by patients every year in India for treatment of lung and pulmonary disorders. The amount of money spent is unbelievably more than the total budget of the Health Ministry. Patients with lung diseases and pulmonary disorders need safer, easily available, user friendly options for their oxygen therapy needs.  Initially to be launched only in Delhi NCR, Uttam Air Products plans to chart and market OxyGo kits throughout India. Taking oxygen home therapy another step forward Uttam Air Products is promoting and creating a community group, Breath Easy to provide a platform for all patients with lung disorders to connect with each other for education, advice and support.
About The Company
 Headed by Mr Karan Bhatia, MD, Uttam Air Products is in the business of manufacturing and distribution of medical and industrial gases, high pressure lightweight cylinders and has been catering to six business verticals. These are medical, industrial and cryogenic, fire and safety, food and beverage, automotive and recreational. A company worth Rs 100 crores, in another two years it is planning to make investments of rs 50 crores in new businesses like Luxfer Uttam India Pvt Ltd.  Uttam group has been serving an array of customers from the Indian army personnels at Siachen glacier to the honourable President of India. The Uttam group is committed to enhance its traditional and historical character through a progressive and proactive vision to be the most admired gas company globally employing innovative technologies and human capital, which they regard as the molecules of their success.

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Panasonic enters the water purifier segment in India with Blue!

Eyeing 10% market share in the electric water purifier category by 2015 in India
Also launches its new range NanoeTM Air Purifiers for the 1st time in India
26th September 2012, New Delhi: Panasonic, the global leader in innovation and technology, today, launched its range of water purifiers equipped with advanced features to provide clean and healthy drinking water to Indian families. In addition to Panasonic BLUE water purifiers which are customized and developed especially to suit the Indian environment keeping in mind the different levels of hardness and impurities, Panasonic also introduced its NanoeTM Air Purifiers. Aiming to address the water contamination and air pollution in India, with this launch Panasonic reiterates its commitment towards its customers by understanding and catering to their specific needs through innovation in technology.
In India, the drinking water scenario is very intense with growing concern of water contamination. Understanding this need of the hour, Panasonic has introduced its range of water purifiers– ‘BLUE’: a name that embodies pure water. Also Air- the most important element of life, which is unconsciously and continuously ingested, is affected with the soaring problem of pollution across the country. The polluted air thus becomes a cause for various problems like asthma, influenza virus, viral growth, sore throat and house dust. Panasonic air purifiers launched today, have a very unique nanoe function that can make safety, clean, and healthy air. As the demand for air purifiers in India is getting bigger, Panasonic’s target is to promote the importance of Indoor Air Quality by NanoeTM technology more. This product line is more than just for air purification as it can even penetrate into fabrics and deodorize unpleasing smell embedded in clothes like tobacco odor etc. Being water in nature, NanoeTM also hydrates skin to prevent dryness.
Speaking on the occasion Mr. Daizo Ito, President, Panasonic India said, “With this launch we are entering the water as well air purifier industry in India which is growing at a much faster rate, offering potential business growth opportunity for Panasonic in the Indian market. Panasonic water purifiers are India specific products with latest technology not just for convenience of our customers but also for healthier life and contribute towards building a greener and sustainable society. This launch brings us another step closer towards our vision of becoming the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the electronics industry by 2018.”
Panasonic recently undertook an initiative to facilitate clean and safe drinking water for underserved section of the society by partnering with 50 city schools to install 200 water purifiers. The first installation event was graced by honorable Chief Minister of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dixit. Panasonic has been enthusiastically engaged in corporate citizenship activities to develop a sustainable society in line with its global policy.
Speaking about the launch Mr. Manish Sharma, Managing Director, Consumer Product Division, Panasonic India said, “Increasing awareness about health and primary concern about purity of water and hardness of water has triggered the demand for clean and safe drinking water. Keeping this in mind, we designed the stylish range of BLUE water purifiers for Indian homes which ensure pure and healthy drinking water irrespective of the harsh water conditions in different regions. Also, backed by superior technology and the 50 years long standing history for air purifiers in Japan, we are confident of building this category with our new range of NanoeTM Air Purifiers in India. He further added, “Being a new entrant in this segment, our strategy is to establish a robust after sales infrastructure as this category requires frequent customer interaction and after sales service. We are currently looking at consolidating operations in metro cities initially and getting close to our customers.”
The water purifier models available fall in 3 different categories:
UV category with pure UV purifier model priced at Rs. 7,990
“Advanced ECO RO” category with RO+UV purifier models priced at Rs. 16,990
· Top of the line, “Alkaline Ionizer” model which is the new category is priced at Rs. 25,490
The 4 new models of air purifiers launched in India are:
The Entry Model Nanoe Air Purifier is priced at Rs.19,995
Nanoe Air Purifier with Humidier is priced at Rs.25,995
· Middle Model Nanoe Econavi Air Purifier is priced at Rs.31,995
· Top Model Nanoe Econavi Air Purifier with Humidier is priced Rs.47, 995
Panasonic BLUE water purifiers will be available in Delhi NCR initially and will be rolled out in Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai starting next month. The air purifiers will be available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai from 15th October, 2012.
Panasonic Corporate Vision
Panasonic has a vision to become the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the electronics industry by 2018 (fiscal 2019), when Panasonic will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Panasonic aspires for global excellence as a Green Innovation Company and encompasses two goals: Green Life Innovation to realize green lifestyles to enrich people’s lives and Green Business Innovation to bring forth innovation in our business styles.
About Panasonic Corporation
Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products for three business fields, consumer, components & devices, and solutions. Based in Osaka, Japan, the company recorded consolidated net sales of 7.85 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2012. It aims to become the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by the 100th year of its founding in 2018.The company’s shares are listed on the Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and New York (NYSE:PC) stock exchanges. For more information on the company and the Panasonic brand, visit the company’s website at
About Panasonic India
Panasonic makes available in India its wide range of consumer electronics and home appliances like LCD & Plasma TVs, DVD players, home theatre systems, cameras, camcorders, car audio systems, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, automatic cookers, vacuum cleaners and the like. The Company has a workforce of about 12,650 in India and estimated to do a turnover of Rs 10,000 crore in FY 2012. For more information on the company and the Panasonic brand in India, please visit
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