Sunday, 31 May 2015


The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has welcomed the statement of Union Commerce Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman saying firmly no to FDI in Retail putting rest the speculations about stand of the Government on FDI in Retail. She made this statement while responding to questions of netizens during a 90-minute Talkathon yesterday.

In a communication sent today to Mrs. Sitharaman,the CAIT has also appreciated her announcement of bringing guidelines for E-Commerce and said that such guidelines must contain sufficient provisions to check business format of E Commerce Companies which are doing Business to Consumers i.e B2C activities in violation of FDI norms. The CAIT has also questioned the format of Wholesale Cash & Carry and demanded the Minister to institute a probe into the business model of all such Companies which are engaged in Wholesale Cash & Carry Activities. 

The CAIT while demanding withdrawal of current notification of FDI in Multi Brand Retail as per promise of BJP election manifesto and announcements made by senior BJP leaders before Loksabha polls urged the Minister for a comprehensive review of FDI policy in all formats of retail as the Companies involved in business activities in retail in different formats are flouting the FDI policy of the Government and have greatly distorted the retail trade of India.

It said that 100 % FDI is allowed E Commerce for Business to Business i.e. B2B purposes and such Companies can not do retail trading but in practice the E Commerce Companies on the one hand are receiving foreign funds and on the other hand they are selling products directly to consumers which is in violation of the FDI policy. These Companies are openly announcing retail sales by big advertisements but so far no step has been taken by the Government to check them.

The CAIT further said that under Wholesale Cash & Carry policy of the Government, the Companies can make sales only to entities who have requisite license or VAT registration from the Government but in reality even in this format too the Retail Chains are directly selling to consumers circumventing the policy. It is an open secret that any individual can walk into their stores and purchase any item of his choice.

The CAIT has urged the Minster to look in to the issue in its right earnest as it has wider ramifications on business of more than six crore small business in India which are providing employment to 46 crore people in the Country. The CAIT has convened a special meeting of Trade Leaders of all States of the Country on forthcoming 8th June at Nagpur to deliberate on this issue and GST as well and to chalk out future course of action.  

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Thursday 28 May  2015
BARC Ratings: Colors-Life OK को हुआ नुकसान, Star Plus को लाभ
बार्क ने हिंदी जनरल एंटरटेनमेंट चैनलों के 20वें हफ्ते (16-22 मई, 2015) की रेटिंग जारी कर दी है, जिसमें स्टार प्लस को लाभ हुआ है… ने लॉन्च किया Dowry Calculator, सोशल मीडिया पर खूब हो रही चर्चा
मैट्रिमोनियल वेबसाइट  ने एनजीओ स्त्री मुक्ति संगठन के साथ मिलकर अपने वेबसाइट के होमपेज पर एक नई पहल की शुरुआत की है…

BARC अगले हफ्ते जारी करेगा अपनी इंडिविजुअल रेटिंग
ब्रॉडकास्टर्स ऑडियंस रिसर्च काउंसिल इंडिया (बार्क) ने घोषणा की है कि वह अगले हफ्ते से इंडिविजुअल रेटिंग की भी रिपोर्ट पेश करेगा…

पत्रकार-कहानीकार नीलेश मिश्रा अब टीवी पर आएंगे नजर
पहले पत्रकार, फिर गीतकार, फिर रेडियो होस्ट और अब टीवी होस्ट बनने जा रहे हैं नीलेश मिश्रा…

राष्ट्रपति के इंटरव्यू पर भारतीय राजदूत ने स्वीडिश अखबार के संपादक पर जताई नाराजगी
राष्ट्रपति प्रणब मुखर्जी द्वारा बोफोर्स मुद्दे पर की गई टिप्पणी का मुद्दा तूल पकड़ता जा रहा है

जानिए, बॉलिवुड क्वीन कंगना रानौत ने क्यों ठुकराया 2 करोड़ के विज्ञापन का ऑफर
‘तनु वेड्स मनु रिटर्न्स’ की सफलता का जश्न मना रही कंगना रानौत ने एक फेयरनेस क्रीम के दो करोड़ रुपए के ऑफर को ठुकरा दिया है.

ट्विटर पर सबसे ज्यादा एक्टिव हैं जर्नलिस्ट्स : स्टडी
ट्विटर को लेकर ब्रिटेन में एक नई स्टडी हुई है, जिससे पता चला है कि ट्विटर पर सबसे ज्यादा एक्टिव ग्रुप है जर्नलिस्ट्स का

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Preliminary Earthquake Report
  • 30 May 2015 11:23:02 UTC
  • 30 May 2015 20:23:03 near epicenter
  • 30 May 2015 15:23:02 standard time in your timezone
Location27.831N 140.493E
Depth677 km
  • 189 km (117 mi) WNW of Chichi-shima, Japan
  • 771 km (478 mi) SSE of Shimoda, Japan
  • 781 km (484 mi) SSE of Oyama, Japan
  • 783 km (485 mi) SE of Shingu, Japan
  • 874 km (542 mi) S of Tokyo, Japan
Tiger Global invests $12m in electric vehicle start-up Ather Energy

New Delhi, May 29, 2015: Ather Energy, a Bangalore based start-up, that is currently designing a smart electric two-wheeler, has received funding of US $12 million (Rs 75.33 crore) from Tiger Global. The new round of funding will be used for development, testing, production and the launch of Ather’s first smart electric two-wheeler – the Ather S340.
“Ather Energy aims to build smart, connected electric vehicles of the future. We want to offer the Indian consumer a completely new driving experience by developing a product that would be at par with any petrol or electric two-wheelers available in the market today. This investment will help us continue to evolve our product and scale it towards launch. We are very excited with the interest shown by Tiger Global and all our investors”,said Tarun Mehta, CEO and co-founder of Ather Energy.

Ather had received its first seed fund of US $1 million in late 2014 from Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, founders of Flipkart, and Raju Venkatraman of Medall Healthcare, which provided the initial impetus for Ather’s growth plans.
Lee Fixel from Tiger Global said, “We are impressed with Ather’s vision of building smart electric vehicles that has a potential to revolutionise the driving experience. We see great potential in Ather’s product offering and the technology and are confident that their maiden launch will attract tremendous positive response. We look forward to partnering with the Ather team and bring their vision to fruition.”
The Ather-S340 is a connected vehicle powered by lithium-Ion battery pack, featuring a digital touchscreen dashboard, has a light-weight aluminium chassis and offers a top speed of 75 kmph. It has been designed by Ather from ground-up and will be the first electric scooter to be completely designed & manufactured in India. Some of the features in the smart dashboard will enable users to create personalized profiles, choose riding modes and set other ride preferences. The S340 will also be one of the first connected vehicles in the country. This will ensure that all vehicle data is constantly logged and monitored enabling on-board diagnostics and issuing notifications for any maintenance.
Ather is currently at an advanced stage of integration on the vehicle platform and testing of the functional prototype. Test rides are scheduled for October this year and the company is already seeing an increasing number of sign-ups for the same on their website. The Ather-S340 is planned for launch in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi by early 2016.
Ather Energy is the brainchild of IIT-Madras graduates Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain. The idea of developing a smart electric two-wheeler which would compete with the best in the market was incubated in 2013, at their alma mater’s Engineering Design Department under the mentorship of Prof. Krishna Kumar and later under the Incubation Cell at IIT Madras.
World No Tobacco Day
31 May 2015

Message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
On this World No Tobacco Day, I call for boosting the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to eradicate the illicit trade in cheaper tobacco products which tend to lure younger and poorer groups into addiction while depleting the ability of States to charge taxes that could support health services. By striking at the criminal gangs and tobacco companies that engage in this reprehensible trade, we will advance public health and sustainable development.
In my interview to ANI News I answer questions about ‘Acche Din’, our work in the last year, agriculture & more. Talked about several initiatives Govt has taken that touch lives of poor & also spoke about foreign policy issues.…/-039-suit-boot-ki-sarkar-is-definit…
New Delhi, May 30 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who recently completed one year in office, has, in an exclusive interview with Smita Prakash, Editor, ANI, said the opposition alleging that his government is a “Suit Boot Ki Sarkar” i