Sunday, 25 March 2012

Discrimination against Mewati Famers

Subject: Discrimination against Mewati Famers in Land Acquisition by Haryana Govt.
 The state's land acquisition policy has angered the farmer's belonging to the minority community in Haryana's Mewat district who claim the government has neglected their living conditions and has acquired their land at a throwaway price.Mewat district (Haryana) farmers are facing discrimination by way of forcefully acquiring their entire agricultural land by the state government at a very low compensation rate of Rs. 16 lakhs which are in comparison to adjoining village of other district, Gurgaon where the compensation rate is Rs. 55 lakhs per hectare. Consequently, the farmers are under utter distress, much frustrated and agitating continuously the facts of one of such case in brief are as under:
Farmers of nine villages, namely (i) Rojka Meo, (ii) Kedli Kankar, (iii) Rewasan, (iv) Mehrola, (v) Kenwersika, (vi) Bedelaki, (viii) Dhirduka, (viii) Rupaheri and (ix) Behadri of block Nuh, district Mewat (Haryana) are facing much problem of this type. The extent of agony & injustice done with these Mewati farmers is quite evident from this particular case. Their entire highly valuable agricultural land of about 1600 hectare is acquired by Haryana govt @ Rs. 16 lakhs per hectare compensation in September-October 2010. When the land acquisition process was initiated (issued notice u/s 4 in March 2008), the farmers vehemently opposed it, because the land under question was agriculture land, the only source of their living. Therefore, they gave a memorandum of their grievances to Hon’ble Governor, Haryana, however no positive response was received. The govt without considering their agitation continued with the process of acquisition and subsequently issued notice u/s 6 in 2009 and declared a very low rate of compensation, i.e. 16 lakhs per hectare in May 2010 which was not at all justified. Hence, the aggrieved farmers filed cases in the court of Land Acquisition Collector-cum-D.R.O. Mewat at Nuh about this discrimination and to seek justice.
 Immediately, after the award to these 9 villages Mewati farmers, Haryana govt announced new policies of higher compensation rates, but Mewati farmers were not benefited from any of such policies. It is very unfortunate that even local Land Acquisition Collector has not taken into account the various sale deeds available of the surrounding areas which were of quite high value as their land is situated in NCR and in between KMP & IMT Rojka Meo. The   compensation rate for this land is kept as low as @ Rs. 16 lakhs per hectare, where as the compensation rate of land acquisition of a nearby village, Jakhopur in block Sohna of district Gurgaon kept as high as Rs. 55 Lakhs per hectare.  In our another adjoining  district Faridabad, similar compensation rate of Rs 16 lakh per hectare was fixed which however on their constant struggle increased to Rs 46 lakhs per hectare, however in our case none of this kind relief is provided Thus highly injustice has been done with these Mewati farmers since beginning. Consequently, these Mewati farmers peacefully opposed this injustice. They participated in Dharna-Pedersen/demonstration which was organised from 4th Feb 2011 to 6th May 2011 about acquisition of land for sectors of Nuh town.  They also gave memorandums to Haryana Govt, to Hon’ble Governor on 7th April 2011 and Chief Minister on 23-5-2011 regarding low rate.  While no positive response was received from any quarter, these farmers were compelled to sit on Dharna in the vicinity of the said land near village Rewasan from 24th May 2011 which is still continuing.  In addition, these farmers, along with their womenfolk & children also organised a Special Dharna-Pedersen/demonstration on 16-6-2011 at Janter-Manter, New Delhi and gave a memorandum to President of India.

FARMER'S demands:
1.    Rate of Land acquisition of 9 villages of Mewat should be at least at par with the rate of adjoining villages of Gurgaon district.
2.    Providing 500 yards of developed land to every farmer’s family from his/her acquired land.
3.    Providing Govt job to one person from each family of the farmer whose land is acquired.
4.    Giving preference in jobs in the IMT units from families of the farmer whose land is acquired.
5.    Making provisions of providing basic /essential community amenities like Kabristan, School & Anaganwadi, Chaupals, land grazing animals, medical facility, land for sports, etc.

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