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Congress approached us, but Sidhu firm on AAP

Asean newsline

Congress approached us, but Sidhu firm on AAP, says wife – Times of India – NEW DELHI: BJP leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on Monday resigned from Rajya Sabha amid rising speculation that he could join the Aam Aadmi Party. The resignation of 52-year-old Sidhu, who was nominated …

Casal morre com apenas 20 minutos de diferença após 63 anos juntos – Um homem e uma mulher que estavam há 63 anos juntos morreram com apenas 20 minutos de diferença em um asilo de Platte (Dakota do Sul, EUA) no domingo (7). Henry, veterano da Guerra da Coreia, e Jea…

6 Ways To Increase Your Brand’s Online Credibility – Credibility is important in building a successful online business. Whether your online business is a spinoff of an already-existing enterprise or a new solely online venture, how customers perceive…

The Quiz Every Entrepreneur Should Take Before Going Virtual

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40Billion – We’re searching for top company cultures to be featured on our annual list. Think your company has what it takes? Apply Now » The allure of running a virtual company is quickly winning over even th…

Sir Surendranath Banerjea: Making of India’s first ‘national’ leader

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PIB India – This 1869-batch ICS officer could have evolved into a seasoned civil servant. But his dismissal from the service, on flimsy ground in 1874, led to reorientation of priorities. He came to the arena …

Gaitán y Godín, con ‘G’ de gol

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Mundo Deportivo – En el Ramón de Carranza se disputó el último partido de preparación del Atlético de Madrid este verano. Los rojiblancos afrontan el inicio de campeonato con un balance de ocho goles en seis partido…

Posnanski: Thesaurus comes up empty when it’s time to talk Michael Phelps

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NBC News – RIO de JANEIRO — The thing I remember most about that day, the day when Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal in Beijing as part of the 4x100m medley relay, was just staring at a photograph. Rem…

Should You Work From Home?

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40Billion – Between the two of us, we have more than 75 years of work experience. And we’ve worked in multiple situations, from retail stores, warehouses and construction sites to churches and call centers. We…

A customers returns a box of cupcakes, but watch what’s inside the box

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Ferhide – This triangle house looks tiny from outside, but step inside This Japanese house is designed by the brilliant architect at Mizuishi Architects Atelier. It fits a family of three in a 594 square foo…

Fourth Estate is a pillar of democracy or terror machinery of propagandist? – Postcard

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Bhakt – The threat to life is the biggest threat anyone could imagine. For a nation, it’s the loss of a citizen’s life that is the biggest threat it faces. Would it be too ‘out of the box’ to suggest that …

PLA hawks fuel Pakistan’s push for limited war – The rising level of tensions in the Kashmir valley is not accidental, but forms part of a design by GHQ Rawalpindi to boost tensions in that state and in the rest of India, so that the way gets cle…

Finance Ministry accepts Suresh Prabhu’s proposal, no Rail Budget from next fiscal – The Economic Times – NEW DELHI: The 92-year-old practice of presenting a separate Rail Budget is set to come to an end from the next fiscal, with the Finance Ministry accepting Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu’s proposal…

Countries and regions – Trade – European Commission

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EU TTIP Team – Website content The EU is firmly committed to the promotion of open and fair trade with all its trading partners. The EU has specific trade policies in place for all its partners and abides by the …

Olympics cast light on Brazil’s corruption: Column – For months, the world’s eyes have been focused on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, an Olympic city whose country’s missteps have created the perception of an unmitigated disaster for the Games. Even as the …

Brilliant Buba behind historic Honduras

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VIDEO: Virat Kohli calls criticism of Olympic contingent ‘hurtful’

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ABP News

Singapore gears up to welcome Olympic champion Joseph Schooling home


Clinton Has Nearly Caught Up To Trump In Media Coverage

The sagar online media Daily

Partisan media can influence viewers to reject facts

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Ohio Higher Ed – COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new nationwide study suggests why heavy users of partisan media outlets are more likely than others to hold political misperceptions. It’s not because the people using these site…

Clinton Has Nearly Caught Up To Trump In Media Coverage

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Douglas E Rice – Hillary Clinton has almost caught up with Donald Trump in campaign coverage on television and online, reducing a clear advantage Trump had against his opponents during the Republican primaries. In …

How to Find and Research Your Perfect Media Match

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John C. Stevens – If you’re new to publicity, or you’re not getting the publicity you’d hoped for, stop dreaming about it and learn how to do it in only 21 days. Publicist Michelle Tennant Nicholson and publicity ex…

Marijuana Contains ‘Alien DNA’ From Outside Of Our Solar System, NASA Confirms – It’s big news, set to shock, amaze, and entertain the world. But unfortunately, it’s got nothing to do with extraterrestrial stoners melding with Earth’s plants.  However, since you’re now reading,…

Akwa Ibom NUJ Leadership Charges Online Publishers on Responsive, Responsible Journalism – The Killer Punch News – In his address, the Chairman of the Council, Elder Patrick Albert noted that while the society needs a responsive media practice to thrive, there is need for the practice to be carried out responsi…

3 Effective Social Media Strategies For Public Relations | Social Media Verve – No doubt that the era defining social media has significantly transformed the way information moves across the globe over the last decade. People are now more information oriented and eager to be t…

The Web Commander: How to Command Your Social Media

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Mehdi Gn – How to Command Your Social Media How to Command Your Social Media and Generate More Activity I’m going to avoid a lot of fluff and just get down to brass tax! 1. Clarify the purpose of your social …

9 digital marketing rules we need to establish

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Patrick Osinski – One truism I’ve learned in assessing and developing people in the workplace is that people’s greatest strengths are almost always their greatest weaknesses. Perfectionists, debaters, influencers, a…

Director of Online Marketing job with Internet Brands, Inc. | 37694

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DavidVerney – Send Save Apply We are currently seeking a Director of Online Marketing to lead activities that involve generating traffic to several Internet Brands, Inc. websites and provide other guidance and s…

The Lack of Black in Travel Blogging and Travel Media – Oneika the Traveller

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Danielle Gray – My thoughts on the lack of diversity in travel blogging and the travel industry as a whole, as well as the wider implications of this phenomenon. Early last week, the White House invited the top 10…

Evenementen: social media monitoren op ‘feestje’ en ‘veilig’ – Frankwatching

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Truffles – Of Media, Food & Foodies/Falsies – It’s all Karmic

 These Are the Worst People in Online Media (Updating) [UPDATE: NOT Updating] – Early this morning, someone pretending to be aspiring YouTube star Martin Shkreli sent out a fake press release and CC-ed over 400 media people—journalists, bloggers, freelancers, social media dire…

Sagar Wells Private Limited

Sagar Media Inc

Sagar Wells Private Limited

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Sagar Media Inc – AUGUST 09 Sagar Well Pvt Ltd an efforts of fifty years of Mr OP Sagar involvement of designing and manufacturing of water drilling rig patenting first in 1948 in Calcutta India. Later under his gui…

Sagar Wells Pvt Ltd

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Sagar Media Inc – Sagar Wells Private Limited  1977-92 AUGUST 09 Sagar Well Pvt Ltd an efforts of fifty years of Mr OP Sagar involvement of designing and manufacturing of water drilling rig patenting first in 1948 i…

Sagar Wells Pvt Ltd 1977- 1992

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Sagar Media Inc – Later in Delhi, the director S Parkash of parent company opened hydro wells pvt ltd company with Mr OPSagar as its CMD. In 1973 Mr Naresh Kumar Sagar completed BSc PCM and in 1974 completed Diploma…
A Knife -Man has attacked passengers in Switzerland land train when Salaz station was approaching near border. Swiss man wounded one child three women and two men before he too is reported. In news and by national broadcaster.
CPR Initiative, Jharkhand Chattisgarh Two domain impact: An interesting features the paper presenter propounded the Chattisgarh the better but panel members explain the Jharkhand ahead.That was result of data and present day datas of various sectors. On question CSR of Corporate sector was total brushed as global humbug as the situation across the world labour social security lies in lurch. May be the panel spokesperson failed notices of Scandinavian countries such as Sweden Switzerland Canada Australia US and other developed countries where workers salary are robust and social security at its best.
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Min Nitin Gadkari at Taj Palace New Delhi speaks in Dialogue on India @ 75
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Thailand in grip of series of bomb blast from Thursday night up to Friday. Two Bomb blasts hit southern Thailand 4 dead 20 injured.on Thursday evening two bomb blast killed one injured 19 seaside resort. Today happens to be birthday of Thai Queen Sirikit the Mothers Day .
Round-table on National Education Policy :The Skill matter did not get attention in lieu the ICT skill is being thought . However moot essence is Lower Level and Middle Level Management needs excellent skill based on EU. US Model They have 25 K certificate and diploma courses which need to be initiated before India can take off as Global GURU as envisaged by Vivekananda. Too much attention to use of mind for analysis turns worst when application of mind in daily work is frame of unethical or of disdain nature which had put the nation of parasite of harping on white collars no respect for work and study of any nature. Apply mind on work not on philosophy.
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 In Sikkim. huge mountain has fallen into kanaka river converting it into lake the water is spreading in this newly formed Lake forming dam. The states of West Bengal is marked as next causality with this formation if Dam as per local broadcaster .

Pakistan is supporting Islam based politics in Kashmir valley

J&K State means …Ladhak
+ Kashmir valley +Jammu region
The PMO and the Press Trust of India/Prasar Bharati/All India Radio should explain to the Indian & World media that J&K State consists of Ladhak Region + Kashmir Valley + Jammu Region.
There are No separatists in Ladhak & Jammu regions. No ISIS & Pakistani flags are shown or fly in these two areas of J&K State. Why?
Because Pakistan is supporting Islam based politics in Kashmir valley; taking advantage of the Muslim majority in the valley. Spreading false and wrong propaganda to the innocent population.This point MUST be repeated again and again and again to Indian and International media.
The Kashmir Valley is only a part of J&K State!  
When media reports about Kashmir they do not explain that all is well in theLadhak and Jammu regions, which are important parts of the J&K State too.    See Below.
1. Population in Lacs
Ladhak Region………………….. 5  lacs
Kashmir Valley…………………..6 3 lacs
Jammu Region……………….58  lacs
2. Area of Region in Sq Km
Ladhak Region…………………… …….87,000 sq km
Kashmir Valley…………………… ……16,000  sq km
Jammu Region…………………… …….26,000 sq km
3. Languages spoken
Ladhak Region…………………..……..ladakhi, Tibetan, Urdu & Balti
Kashmir Valley………….……………..Urdu & Kashmiri
Jammu Region……………………….. Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Dogri & Punjabi
Wrong propaganda by Pakistan & the Separatists about Plebiscite
This is not possible as POK has to be handed back to India, Pakistan has handed over parts of POK to China, that has to be vacated too. Finally China has taken over part of J&K by force from India, that also needs to be vacated. The original J&K State has to be 100% under Indian Occupation; then ONLY can plebiscite be ever considered. As this will NEVER happen the UN Charter of April 1948 is NULL & VOID. Is it also TIME BARRED?
The “Kashmir Issue”
After nearly 70 years of conflict the ground realities are that the LOC is probably the International border between India and Pakistan. This point is well understood by the world community as well as India and Pakistan.
Once this is officially understood and recognized by both India and Pakistan, then the next step would be to tell the people of Kashmir valley to either stay in India in peace or leave permanently for Pakistan. Similarly Kashmir’s from POK should be allowed to come into India.
This will finally bring peace and solace in the State of J&K and to the rest of India

We cannot allow innocent local Kashmiri’s to neither suffer nor allow the duty bound local police/ CRPF/ Indian Army to lose their lives in an artificial proxy war Stage Managed by Pakistan.
Where Indians are pitched against Indians!
Krishan Khanna             
(based of our research with Indian Nationals & Research Institutes)

Insane idea of world’s first deep sea mine.

Today at 6:00

Action packed Saturday for Honda racers in Round 2 of National Championship!

Ø  Soundari storms to victory in the Honda All Ladies Race – Honda’s initiative to get female racers on the grid
Ø  Hari Krishnan & Rajiv Sethu finishes first & second respectively in Race 1 of Pro Stock 165 category
Ø  Piyush Ranjan dominates Race 1 of CBR 150R Novice championship, followed by Shreyas Sannake (2nd) and Anish Shetty (3rd)
Ø  Mathana Kumar rules CBR 250R Open Race 1, followed by Rajiv Sethu (2nd) and S Sivnesan (3rd)
Ø  52 racers including 8 women racers complete the Honda arsenal in Round 2

Chennai, August 13, 2016: Saturday proved to be a high adrenaline start to the Round 2 of National Championship which got underway at the Madras Motor Race Track, Chennai today.

Honda All Ladies Race:
Soundari from Prolap Racing Team, Chennai produced a clinical display to emerge victorious at the second round of the Honda All Ladies Race at the Round 2 of Honda All Ladies race. Soundari clocked an overall timing of 00:09.47.668 minutes over the 4 lap race, to take the top-honours. Pooja Ajit Dabhi from Pune clocked 00:09.48.009 minutes to finish second. Aishwarya P from Bangalore followed closely to finish third by clocking 00:09:48:316 minutes.
The super women in the Ladies Race garnered a lot of interest as 8 racers across India competed for top honors in the second round of the first ever full-fledged season for women riders at the Honda One make Race.

Congratulating the winners, Mr Prabhu Nagaraj, Vice President, Customer Service, HMSI said, 
“Our women racers have come of age and it was really heartening to see them fight it out with such intensity. This augurs very well for women in motorsports and makes motorcycle racing a truly diverse and equal opportunity sport. My hearties congratulations to Soundari, Pooja, Aishwarya who took to the grid today. I am confident that we will witness some stellar performance by these ladies as the season proceeds”.

CBR 250R Open Championship results:
The grid for Honda’s flagship CBR 250R Team Championship saw India’s top notch 12 racers. Team Ten10 Racing were the early pace setters in the CBR 250R Open category as its riders Mathana Kumar and Rajiv Sethu clinched the first 2 podiums in the Race 1. The excitement filled race was keenly fought between the two, having Trichy’s Mathana Kumar eventually ahead, with a timing of 00:12:28:047 minutes. Rajiv Sethu finished a close second with a timing of 00:12:32:927 minutes.

CBR 150R Novice category:
The race was postponed to Sunday, 14.8.2016 due to rain.

Honda racers make impressive strides in Open categories:
The Madras Motor Race Track also witnessed scintillating action in the Race 1 of three new categories of National Championship – Stock up to 165cc, Pro Stock 165cc and Super Stock 165cc.

The Pro-Stock 165 witnessed 4 CBR 150R’s on the grid with Asia Dream Cup winner Hari Krishnan securing first position (00:12:42:194 minutes) and Rajiv Sethu finishing at Second position (00:12:45:190 minutes)

The Stock 165 too saw 37 racers including Piyush Ranjan completing Honda’s representation in the podium.

Now all eyes are on the second races scheduled on Sunday which will determine the winners of Round 2.

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