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Rangpuri demolitions : Centre, LG protecting guilty officials, including chief secy
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                          November 30, 2014 (Sunday)

The BJP’s central government and the Delhi administration are protecting the officials, including the chief secretary, who are guilty of having ordered illegal and targeted demolitions at Rangpuri Pahari in Vasant Kunj, South Delhi.
Delhi administration’s silence of guilt cannot hide its illegal action and it will have to answer whether the demolitions were carried out despite an advisory from the union poverty alleviation ministry based on a Supreme Court directive that such drives should not be carried out during winters.
Can the BJP’s central government, which is also ruling Delhi through the back door allow such a chief secretary to continue who has shown utter disregard for the Supreme Court’s directive ?
The union home ministry must in the first place answer the question why it chose to appoint an individual of doubtful integrity as Delhi chief secretary, against whom the CBI has recently recommended strict action and imposition of major penalty for his involvement in the Rs 100 crore CNG fitness scam of 2002 during the Sheila Dikshit regime ?
The nine-month old President’s rule will be remembered as a dark chapter in Delhi’s history, during which an unresponsive administration run by the BJP in connivance with the Congress, appointed a compromised lot of top officials who unleashed their whims and fancies to heap miseries on the people.
The mysterious silence of the entire BJP top brass on the Rangpuri Pahari demolitions and turning of the blind eye by the Congress on the appointment of a chief secretary indicted by the CBI in a corruption scam which took place during its tenure, makes the connivance complete and beyond doubt.      
It is shocking that nearly a week after the inhuman and insensitive demolition was carried out under pressure of the local BJP MLA SP Rana, no answers have been provided by the Delhi administration on what was the reason for throwing out poor people of their homes in biting cold.
The Aam Aadmi Party demands that heads must roll to send out a strong signal that residents in the national capital can lead their lives without fear and politically motivated officials will not be allowed to work with a vindictive and biased mindset to please their political masters, who are protecting their act of omission and commission.
The AAP challenges the BJP’s central government and Delhi administration break their silence on following questions :
1)       Is it not a fact that the CBI has recently sent a report to the union home ministry and Delhi’s department of vigilance asking for departmental action and further inquiries against three top bureaucrats, including the present chief secretary ?
2)       Was the home ministry aware of the ongoing probe when it appointed the current chief secretary to the post in August this year ?
3)        Is it not a fact that the former Sheila Dikshit government had tried to scuttle a probe into this scam by the Anti-Corruption Branch citing an order from the LG that no inquiry was required ?
4)       Is it not a fact that the contract for giving CNG fitness certificates to commercial vehicles was fraudulently awarded to a company in 2002 despite it having lost in the tendering process ?
5)       Is it not a fact that the LG gave a clean chit to officers against whom the Delhi ACB had registered an FIR in 2012 ?
6)       Is it not a fact that the LG ignored the ACB opinion that a case under Prevention of Corruption was made out against these officers and chose to close the probe ?

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