Friday, 31 January 2014

Arvind Kejriwal in press conference praises his government.
AAP Party in Delhi a party of unemployed youths lower class whose hopes have nosedived but find easy way to be associated with. Party has failed even to pay to their volunteers even meagre amount to sustain further has not been able to provide food or proper working structure for the party. Arvind the only voice projected with funds and some incongruous statements which remains still unanswered is the quick fix of the party.  
 A political party indulging in self praise has failed to bring neutral observes as Lokpal on the working of AAP as they had promised before coming to power,their appointment of lokpal which is being ensigaed by various e channels is not very much different from the federal structure.Thus AAP is getting disconnected from Delhi people  every day and their loud mouth spokesperson further dilute their popularity.people hopes have been dashed to ground and has become a laughing stock of political class of new tugs as roadside herb sellers and make fast buck.
Many political experts allege that their whole intention is to gather money, mint money  on causes with need total overhaul and is beyond AAP.
Dear Friends, Your government in Delhi has completed one month in office. It has been wonderful yet challenging opportunity to serve the people of Delhi. I want to share some of the highlights of our work with you and seek your honest feedback. One thing I will say for sure - all ministers and MLAs of AAP did our task sincerely and honestly, putting the people above everything else. I look forward to your continued support.
In their release to media person they further added, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) strongly condemns the nefarious attempts by a Congress MLA to disrupt the press conference of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday.
MLA Asif Mohammad Khan inappropriately barged into a press briefing at the Delhi Secretariat and indulged in highly objectionable behavior, which is totally unbecoming of an elected representative.

He raised the issue of Batla House encounter and the AAP would like to set the record straight. This encounter had taken place on 19 September 2008, when there were Congress governments in Delhi as well as at the Centre.

The AAP had not come into existence till then, but it was noted lawyer and human rights activist, Prashant Bhushan (now a national executive member of the AAP) who had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court seeking an independent investigation into this encounter.

The High Court asked the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to look into the matter. The NHRC accepted the probe report of the Delhi Police Crime Branch. This was again challenged by Mr Bhushan in the Supreme Court.

A three judge bench of the Supreme Court, headed by the then Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan dismissed the petition seeking an independent/judicial inquiry into the encounter.

The Supreme Court ruled that no further probes were required in this matter.

Mr Asif has tried to spread a lot of falsehoods today. It is important to rebut these false allegations. Without reading the AAP manifesto, he has given statements that it promises a probe into this encounter. THERE IS NO SUCH MENTION IN THE AAP MANIFESTO.    

Mr Asif needs to answer the question as to why he joined the Congress Party in August 2013 after having won the 2008 assembly election on the RJD ticket, despite the fact that Congress governments of Delhi and even the centre had termed the encounter as genuine in the High Court and the Supreme Court.

It is really beyond reasonable understanding that he chose to contest on the ticket of a party which supported the encounter and opposed any attempt to get it probed and is seeking answers from a government which believes in justice for all and discrimination against none.
Before questioniong others, Mr Asif should spell out the stand of the party to which he belongs, on this issue.
 The AAP makes it clear that it stands committed for justice to all sections of the society and is firmly against implication of innocents in false cases, irrespective of their religion, region or caste.

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