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no man's land + archi
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to a cultureSPEAK event: 
CulturalEmergency NOW!
Conversations around a Book Launch
Life of an Afghan Hammam (Tanvi Maheshwari)
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On Friday, 3rd May 2013 
At 7.00 pm
Venue: India Habitat Centre/ Gulmohur Hall 
Entry: Open to ALL, passes not required.
storytellers circle moderated by Tanvi Maheshwari. 
In the circle:
Sohail Hashmi + Narayani Gupta + Robert Mann + Rohit Jigyasu 

Sohail Hashmi is an academic, activist film maker and writer. He is one of the founders of SAHMAT. Between 1980-91 he worked among unorganised youth and slumdwellers in Delhi. In ’91 he worked with PTI TV, Home TV, BiTV, etc. He conceptualised and scripted a four-part series on the “History of Urdu”, which aired on Discovery. He also made a five-part series for Door Darshan on walks through Shahjahanabad. He is currently setting up a foundation to document the heritage of Delhi, and conducts heritage walks. He also writes a regular column for Terrascape and The Hindu.

Narayani Gupta is a historian whose research and writing has focused on urban history. She retired as Professor of History from Jamia Millia Islamia, where her students had taught her a lot. She has also edited school textbooks. Thirty years ago she was a member of the combative Conservation Society of Delhi and now of the optimistic 'Friends of the ASI'.

Robert Mann is an Englishman who has made India his home. He previously worked with the UN in Paris, for UNESCO a specialist UN agency, he was responsible for cultural policy, in particular Asia- Pacific region. He grew up in Cambridge, England and obtained a Master in Arts degree – History, Divinity and Philosophy from University of Aberdeen, Scotland and Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. He is currently working for various companies in India, working to build their global partnership and communication approach focussing on strategy and international alliances. 

Rohit Jigyasu is a conservation architect and risk management consultant from India, currently working as UNESCO Chair professor at the Research Center for Disaster Mitigation of Urban Cultural Heritage at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan and Senior Advisor to the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS). He is member of the Executive Committee of ICOMOS and president of ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Risk Preparedness (ICORP).

Life of an Afghan Hammam is Tanvi Maheshwari's first book. Maheshwari is an architect who graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and has worked with archi. She has been traveling between New Delhi and Kabul documenting the recovery of a the hammam, a cultural space that is humming once again. 

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