Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Terra Motors plan to manufacture an electric car for Philippines thus to give firm competition to the Chinese in this segment of auto sector.
A venture firm in Tokyo is eying the emerging economies in Southeast Asia. It has unveiled a new three-wheeled electric vehicle, mainly for use as a taxi in the region.

Terra Motors developed the six seat-rs  vehicle is about three -meters in length . A driver's seat followed by  passenger seats lined on both sides. Company authorities say the vehicle can run fifty kms on a two hour charge with a maximum speed of fifty kilometers per hour.

Company plan to manufacture the vehicles in the Philippines and sell them later this year for about 6,300 dollars.Terra Motors hopes to meet the country's expected demand for three-wheel electric taxis. The Philippine government plans to introduce 100,000 such vehicles by 2016 to help reduce air pollution.

Terra Motors' advance into the market will likely fuel competition with Chinese rivals.

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