Tuesday, 26 June 2012

IAC Statement on Framing of Charges by Shimla Court on Virbhadra Singh

Verdict of Shimla Court framing charges against former CM of HP vindicates the stand of India Against Corruption (IAC). When IAC named him as one of the tainted ministers in Manmohan's Cabinet on Mar 25th, he had threatened a defamation suit against us.

We demand his immediate resignation. A person against whom charges have been framed by the court for corruption certainly cannot be accepted as a part of central cabinet by the people of India. We demand that he should not be the CM candidate of Congress in forthcoming assembly elections in HP. Because if he becomes the CM, then he would decide the prosecuting and defense counsel both, which would make a mockery of this case and cause direct conflict of interest.

This verdict also shows that the evidence presented by IAC against the 15 ministers is credible and actionable. Mrs Gandhi had said that our allegations were baseless. This verdict shows that the evidence presented by us is not baseless.

After all, what are we asking for? That investigate allegations of corruption against 15 ministers. They refuse to even investigate. PM has categorically refused to get any independent investigation done in these cases. This is unfortunate. We are confident that if independent investigations were done in these cases, most of these 15 ministers would be in jail.

If govt does not set up independent inbestigations, anshan would take place from 25th July at Jantar Mantar.

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