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Gorshkov Russian Aircraft Carrier :CAG Report
Subject: Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) recent Reports of Public Interest were on Adarsh Housing Society, 26/11 attack, CWG & 2G Scam.
CAG was established on Nov 16, 1850 - It is HQ at 9, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi 110124
Head of CAG off 23235797 Dy CAG off 23234820 PR Dept No is 23234889.Website:
- we recommend to all readers of this mail to spend half hour to look at their Reports pertaining to your
area of work. 100 to 120 audit reports are put out annually.It covers 64000 Govt Units, has 600 offices
& has 48000 employees.
CAG is a 150 year old Watchdog - most findings of theirs too, like those of CVC, CBI, CEC, Judicial &
Chief Information Commissions have for TOO LONG been swept under the carpet, convienently made
to fade from Public Memory & now with lack of Fiscal discipline, Deficit Financing, Black Money in
circulation, we have scams & inflation hitting us.Corruption & lack of Punishment has led us to the
MESS we are in.
Under recent Audit Reports Report No. 24 of 2011 -12 for period ended March 2010 Union Government
(Defense Services) Army & Ordinance Factories it is for example stated:
Extra expenditure due to purchase of spares at higher cost
Acceptance of costlier offer of M/s Bharat Earth Movers Limited by Ordnance
Factory Board for procurement of spares of infantry combat vehicles despite
being aware of their availability from the foreign firm at cheaper rates resulted
in procurement of spares at a higher cost by ` 83.67 lakh by Ordnance Factory
Another report No 20 for period ended March 2010 Union Government (Defense Services) Air Force
and Navy has details too.
There were Defense Deals in 2009 wherein Estimated loss: Rs 9000 Crores & Gorshkov Russian Aircraft
Carrier wherein Rs 5000 Crores extra was paid & there was public outcry. These were also reported on page 33
Outlook magazine of July 11, 2011.
All matters pertaining to Army procurement are presently topical due to CORRUPT practices issue raised
by Gen VK Singh under whose tenure Tatra - BEML also now 204 ARVS bought in 2012 are under the scanner.
Though it's MISSION is to "promote accountability, transparency and good governance through high
quality auditing and accounting and provide independent assurance...that funds are being used efficiently
and for the intended purposes" (quoted from Indian Express page 9, Aug 10, 2011) - THIS IS CLEARLY NOT
HAPPENING.In fact it is blatantly clear to Citizens of India that the credibility of the Government which is doing
'gol mal' & 'dal me bahut kuch kala hai' is at its lowest since independence.
Accountability will make a tremendous difference & CAG will be one of our wings of Govt which will have huge
Peoples support.
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