Wednesday, 30 May 2012

May29, 2012
Mr. Per Bertilsson
Executive Director
Dear Mr. Per Bertilsson,
You will be horrified to discover ‘IWMI's Mission is to improve the management of land and water resources for food, livelihoods and the environment but I have not yet come across a single document that even marginally addresses the stated objectives of IWMI.
On the contrary it can be effortlessly proved they are bunch of scoundrels – Sabotaging Indian Economic Progress Instead.
1. This inventor finds it is very funny and also very stupid when River Linkers tell us there is flood in some regions and there is drought and the River Links shall transfer flood waters to drought regions.
2. Any farmer or hunter would tell you that it is easy to catch a sitting bull or shoot a sitting leopard but these Idiots would plan to diverted rivers in flood fury to drought regions across hundreds to thousands of kilometers jumping over scores of major and minor rivers. Cover of IWNI publication illustrates ‘Jumping of Rivers.’ (Color picture page 12),
3. More than 50% of India population lives in Ganga – Indus basin and blue River Links P-12 indicates ‘Water Transfer Schemes’ in regions that have 28 BCM, barely 5% live storage capacity of Ganga Basin Flows and most of it in peninsular region, but most river links originate in Himalaya Region. (Six Clippings of basin wise storages points to South India always have twice more water in its Storage Dams yet River Links are in South Indian direction.) (Page 13-18)
4. This is even more interesting – but definitely confirms SIWI 2012 winners are absolute idiots. In the Monsoon Report for 2011 though there are not much variations in rainfall across states on seasonal basis but on daily, weekly and monthly basis variation Swings are huge. In color chart for monsoon season 2011 the variations are not much but monthly swings are huge. For example Punjab received just -7% seasonal rainfall but for June2011 it was +123%, July2011 -53%, -5% for August and +25% for September. West UP figures +137, -10%, -21% and -35% respectively, similarly for other regions. (Page 19-20)
5.  Some of my latest Research fully exposes ‘IWMI Gross Incompetence’ are also Annexed here. ‘Lame Duck Hydro Power --’ and ‘Bundelkhand Poverty--’
Surely IWMI doesn’t deserve even a wooden prize.
Thank you,
Ravinder Singh,
Inventor & Consultant
Y-77, Hauz Khas, NewDelhi-110016, India.

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