Monday, 27 February 2012

Lockheed Martin World’s Largest Arms Producer

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), an independent international institute researching into conflicts, arms control and disarmament, named U.S. Lockheed Martin the biggest arms vendor in 2010, with sales totalling $35.7 billion.

Only three companies in the top ten of the SIPRI Yearbook 2012, based on the 2010 data, are not from the United States - U.K. BAE Systems (2nd, with sales of $32.9 billion), Europe’s EADS (7th, with sales of $16.4 billion) and Italy’s Finmeccanica (8th, with sales of $14.4 billion).

Eight Russian companies have made it into SIPRI’s top 100, including Almaz-Antei (20th, with sales of almost $4 billion), United Aircraft Corp. (21st, with sales of 3.4 billion), Russian Helicopters design and manufacturing company (47th, with sales of 1.9 billion) and others.

“The total arms sales (including sales of military services) of the SIPRI Top 100 maintained their upward trend in 2010, although at 1 per cent in real terms, the increase was much slower than in 2009,” SIPRI said in a press release.Media agencies

‘The data for 2010 demonstrates, once again, the major players’ ability to continue selling arms and military services despite the financial crises currently affecting other industries,’ states SIPRI arms industry expert Dr Susan Jackson said.

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